Obama “Recovery” Hurting The Poor

Words have meanings. And the notion that there is a recovery going on in this country is simply absurd. It’s time to call it what it is. It’s not a recovery but a ‘decovery.’ Ok, I made that word up. How about we just call it a recession. We’ve had our two consecutive quarters of a shrinking GDP. So you have to just ponder if this kind of non-recovery recovery is just what The One has had in mind all along?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has two stats that point to how this so-called recovery is working. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) is going up, while average hourly earnings continue to fall. It’s a double whammy on the backs of “the poor.” No matter the color of their skin.

Most of the price increases are in foodstuffs. So the next time you hear a Democrat race baiter claim that Republicans expect Blacks to “vote against their best interest,” ask him (or her) how rising food prices and falling family incomes are in the best interest of Blacks? Or the best interest of anyone for that matter? Call it what it is. Another leg of the administration’s Poor Tax.