VA And Government-Run Health Care

Remember when proponents of the so-called Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) proffered the notion that Obamacare wasn’t anything new. That we already had government-run health care, citing the VA as the example. And that’s running so well. (I know, but that’s what they said.)

Not so well according to latest news report about veterans literally dying to see a doctor because the wait is too long. Some say the wait is so long because of veterans coming back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, if that relatively small number of “patients” overwhelms the VA, just think for a moment how adding 40 million new “patients” will affect wait time throughout the country. And never mind the lies about your premium cost going down and keeping your plan, doctor, and hospital. Looking at government-run health care from a purely numbers angle, there won’t be better or faster care. And for you Obamacare proponents, this VA scandal should prove it.