Main Health Care Promise, Already Broke

About those pre-existing conditions covered under Obamacare . . .

Turns out that the initial fears that the state ‘high risk pools’ that were supposed to last until 2014 would be broke by the end of 2012 if 375,000 new insureds swamp the system? Well, that did not happen, exactly. They’re broke now after 100,000 insureds joined.

Can’t you just see how the Affordable Care Act is driving down the cost of health care and expanding coverage? And how it isn’t increasing the debt ONE DIME?

If the president really cared about health care for patients, he would move now to repeal it. By now, it should be obvious what his goal is, was, and always has been. Which is, being in control of your health care. Spreading the wealth always turns in to spreading the misery.

h/t Market Ticker

Link: Funds run low for health insurance in state ‘high-risk pools’

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