Obama Presents, Govt Health Care R Us

It took Hillary Clinton many months of closed door secret meetings to come up with her version of so-called health care reform. Which had no support.

In 12 months under Barack Obama, we have a house version and a senate version. Then in 4 weeks we have a combined version. All of which were rejected.

Don't like that one? Here's another.

Last week, the President had a TV show called a bi-partisan meeting to resolve the differences and start from square two, not square one, to presumably force Republicans to surrender their principles and succumb to government run health care. So that didn’t go as he had planned.

Now, in four days time, tomorrow, the President will present yet another health care / health insurance ‘reform’ plan.

It is apparent that what we are seeing are cobbled versions of what has already been proposed, and rejected. Else we are supposed to believe that the President has done, in a matter of days, what it took probably hundreds of people many months to do.

But only he can do it. He is Barack Hussein Obama. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.

Question is how does he do it? Simple. He goes to Government Health Care R Us and takes a plan off the end-cap. Or maybe he just pulls one out of his, uh, hat.

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