Sequestration Is Coming Home To Roost

2012 Presidential Debate, “Sequestration Isn’t Going To Happen.”

You may recall last summer when the talk of huge cuts in defense, and hence defense contractors, was the buzz of the politicos, all due to the budget sequestration that Congress voted on, and Obama insisted on, as a consequence of extending the debt limit last year. As summer turned to fall, DOD contractors began to talk about sending out layoff notices to their employees, as the Dept. of Labor’s WARN Act requires them to do.

Facing an upcoming election in November 2012, President Obama didn’t want the defense contractors and their families to be notified, as the law required them to do, that they would soon be out of a job as a result of the sequestration agreement. Putting politics ahead of American workers, the lawless President told the defense contractors not to issue layoff notices. During the presidential debates, he said, sequestration isn’t going to happen. Having succumbed to Presidential blackmail, and believing what the President said, no notices were sent. He suffered no political damage, and was re-elected.

We are three weeks away from the cuts going into effect and President Obama is doing nothing to stop it. Ostensibly, the cuts go into effect March 1, 2013.

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