Falling Gas Prices, Who’s To Blame?

When we see the price of a gallon of gasoline coming down, is there anyone giving credit to those oil speculators? According to the Obama administration, they unfairly control the cost of gasoline at the pump because they unfairly control the cost of crude oil. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. So how’s that investigation into the speculators going?

Absent the chorus of salutations to the oil speculators (part of that market), one can only assume that Obama deserves the credit, or blame, for the gas prices falling. And in this case, that would be correct.

As usual, it is the market that affects the price of crude. And in this case, and you’ve heard Obama brag about how Americans are conserving by using less gas, this decrease in demand is causing the price to come down. He apparently believes in free-market economics only when it suits him. He is only half right in his analysis. Gas prices are coming down due to the falling demand for gas. But it’s not because Americans have suddenly turned into a bunch of conservationists, as he suggests. It is due to the depressed economy, rising unemployment, and generally less business, or any, activity overall. People, and businesses in general, are hunkered down and/or out of work. That’s why the demand is down.

Depressing the economy is not the way to lower prices at the pump.

Obama Campaign Fundraising Problem

It wasn’t that long ago we were hearing about the ‘billion dollar‘ campaign that Obama was going to have this time around. Now, the Obama campaign is not even looking competitive.

In an attempt to supplement the less than stellar campaign donor performance, the campaign has turned to capitalism via merchandising. With every issue lodged against Obaselling-obama-coverma over his record, a campaign fundraising letter is generated with a desperate tone of having to ‘fight back’ the bogeyman that wants to . . .

  1. send children brought into the country by their illegal alien parents back to Mexico.
  2. The country is not fair to them.
  3. And Republicans want to take away the health care that he wants to give them.
  4. And Republicans want to take away college Pell Grants that he wants to give them, so families can no longer afford a college education for their children.
  5. And Republicans want to take away the Social Security and Medicare of millions of Hispanic seniors citizens who depend on it.

President Obama just tweeted: ¡Obama! Show your support for the President: http://OFA.BO/Zd8XBe

The Obama campaign says . . .

 Over the last four years, President Obama has been focused on restoring basic economic security to Hispanics and all Americans.

I don’t believe even they believe that now.  They are living the reality that more Hispanics are unemployed now than when President Obama began. And all the campaign can say is that he “has been focused” on bla bla bla. They know (don’t they?) that Obama concentrated first on getting Obamacare enacted. Not the economy. In fact, he said that fixing the economy depends on first getting health care ‘under control.’ That was his justification for pushing government controlled health care first, over economic recovery. It’s the hype, the lies, that isn’t flying any more. Hispanics in America hear the same words and see the same poor, and worsening, results.

And to show his compassion for poor, out-of-work Hispanics, he is asking them to chip in $5 for a stinking button. If they had their job, the Obama campaign wouldn’t be looking for money from people who can least afford to give it. Who’s helping who here?