Enemies Welcome!

That may as well be the sign in Arizona. Today’s Supreme Court ruling upheld Arizona’s right to verify legal status if the person is stopped for any other legal reason. Then they can call ICE to report them, who is then supposed to pick them up, decide their status, and deport if they are illegals. The rest of SB1070 was rejected as being the sole responsibility of the federal government.

True to form is the response from the executive branch over the court’s decision. Hey Arizona, don’t bother reporting any illegals you may find. We’re not interested in enforcing the law that the Supreme Court just said was our responsibility. LOL  Deal with it.

When the state can not protect itself and its sovereignty, the union of sovereign states are sovereign no more. Centralized government control and punishment on display.

And the message this sends to the world? All illegals, terrorists, and enemies we don’t even know we have,  are welcome in the United States. Just use the Arizona border with Mexico and behave yourself in public. Have a nice day.

Isn’t it amazing that, to get what he wants, undocumented democrats, he is restrained by no law, no constitution, and no oath. The Obama administration is the lawless administration.

Link: Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion

Today In History

It was four years ago that, as a candidate, Barack Obama broke his first pledge. It was his promise to take public funds for his campaign.

Back then they were called ‘pledges.’ Today, they’re known for what they are. And anyone who trusts a liar with their vote must have something much worse to worry about. According to Obama, it’s Republicans.

Did you notice how long it took for the ‘community organizer’ in him to show?

I’ll sit down with John McCain, and make sure that we have a system that is fair for both sides.

Here’s another gem to remember.

I said early on I will not take PAC money. I will not take money from federally registered lobbyists.

One thing surrounding Barack Obama remains consistent from four years ago. With Barack Obama, there has always been a question of trust.