Wisconsin Voters Still Support Gov. Walker

With 27 percent of the votes counted, both FOX and CNN are projecting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Lt. Governor Kleefisch keep their jobs by a landslide margin with 60% of the votes to the challengers’ 40%. That 20 percent spread is a wider margin than elected Gov. Walker the last time. Twenty percent is way beyond the voter fraud margin.

Tough luck for the public sector labor unions. If they had any sense, they would see the need to be competitive in the labor market, because the taxpayers (at least in Wisconsin) are holding their feet to the fire. And if they had any sense, they would realize that it was the governor’s policies that the legislature put into law that enabled them all to keep their jobs while at the same time turning a budget deficit into a surplus.

Big Labor’s free ride on ‘the government’ (aka taxpayers) is over.

Reaction to a Walker victory from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-Fl) was enormously downplayed . . .

She said the June 5 recall is a contest with no implications for national politics. “It’s an election that’s based in Wisconsin,” she said.

The union’s know what it’s all about. As described by Patrick Martin.

[W]alker’s hard-line stance threatens their position as a secondary layer of management in controlling state employees.

The Walker victory today has the socialists calling for a split from the Democrat Party to form a third party.

The debacle in Wisconsin underscores the dimensions of the struggle now facing the working class. The defense of jobs, living standards and social services can go forward only through a mass rebellion against capitalism and the political domination of the financial aristocracy. This requires, first and foremost, a break with the Democratic Party and all its political apologists and defenders and the building of an independent party of the working class, fighting for a socialist program.

What a great idea. For them.

Update: Watching Gov. Walker’s victory speech live, thanking Wisconsins ?? on FOX. Checked to see what CNN was covering, and they’re re-playing the Queen’s Jubilee.  “CNN, the most trusted name in news.”   ROTFLMAO