What’s Pelosi’s Excuse Now?

The last time gas prices were this high, then Speaker Pelosi put the blame on the “two oil men in The White House.” It is instructive to see how nothing on her part, or on the part of her political party has changed with respect to increasing our oil supply and capacity.

Pelosi said she would continue to oppose two policy changes that President Bush and congressional Republicans have been advocating: lifting the ban on offshore drilling and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration. Video Watch Pelosi argue against more drilling »

Pelosi said she had no plans to allow votes to lift a ban on offshore drilling despite widespread support for the move.

You know we haven’t seen the peak of high gas prices yet, and they’re already at or above the 2008 levels. If you want a laugh at how ignorant this woman is on this subject, look at the video.

Every time you fill up your gas tank(s) at a record high price, remember all that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are doing to bring prices down. Nothing.

Link: ‘Two oil men’ to blame for high gas prices, Pelosi says

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2 thoughts on “What’s Pelosi’s Excuse Now?”

  1. Osama gone, economy coming back, I guess you have to choose something to complain about. The danger here is that gas prices level off, then you’re going to start having to just make shit up.

    I know you hate having a black man in the white house Ross, it’s going to be okay. I promise.

    1. Osama gone, economy coming back,

      And one out of two isn’t good enough. Barack Obama’s virtual economy does not replace the real world situation. In the real world economy, it is not coming back. It is trying to survive Barack Obama.

      Since the subject is about oil and gas prices, do you think they are about right, too high, or not high enough yet. What do you think we should be paying for a gallon of gas? Obviously, I think it is way higher than it can be.

      You must think there is something that these two (Obama/Pelosi) have done to increase oil prdoduction and capacity that I’m not aware of. What have they done to bring prices down? What is it that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are doing to bring prices down?

      Did the lefty throw the race card? Check

      No, it’s not that he is black. It’s that he is too green. Well, that and he’s a Marxist.

      I’ve always thought myself to being not racially prejudiced. But you know, there are people out there, like you and say, Jimmy Carter, that really believe the line that if you object to his policies then you are just being racist. It’s something along those lines. You’ve heard proud Democrats in Washington proclaiming that for years. With nary any proof of course. So it was that I did some soul-searching to really see whether I held a racial bias against my president. I am happy to report my findings to you, your friends and relatives. https://rosscalloway.com/2009/09/17/is-jimmy-carter-right/

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