aSide Order

Rev. Al Sharpton tells listeners of the Tom Joyner Morning Show that blacks should hop on to this ‘Occupation Wall Street’ (sic) bandwagon because it is all about redistributing the wealth. Don’t sleep through this revolution, he says.

So if you are a black American, Massa Sharpton says you need to get in line on the ideological plantation. Show up Saturday, 10 a.m. at the Lincoln Memorial and demand a job.

I think their time would be better spent if they went to The White House instead.

Well, the race to The White House is over for Gov. John Huntsman. Did you know as Utah governor he was the chief architect of the Western Climate Initiative, a regional cap-and-trade program? And that he was part of a group that pushed Congress to pass cap-and-trade legislation?

His story now is that ‘economic circumstances have changed so it’s no longer relevant.’

Sorry Gov. Huntsman, what has not changed is your view that climate change is due to man, and that man can change the climate. That necessarily makes you no longer relevant.

This could be the shortest hold-up ever.