Radical Muslims, Egypt’s Military, Kill 26 Christians

It will be revealing to see how, or whether, President Obama deals with the church bombings, rioting, and the killing of 26 Coptic Christians in Egypt over the weekend.

Will he . . .

  1. ask Americans and the rest of the less-free world to join Egypt’s Coptic church in three days of mourning?
  2. publicly and clearly condemn not only the actions of the radical Muslims and Egypt’s military for the role they played, but also condemn the Muslim’s attitude of superiority and religious intolerance that started it all?
  3. humbly accept responsibility for his role in feuling the uprising and apologize? He has made apologies when none was called for. This time, it is called for.
  4. go to a re-election campaign fundraiser?

Associated Press reports . . .

Egypt’s Coptic church blasted authorities Monday for allowing repeated attacks on Christians with impunity as the death toll from a night of rioting rose to 26, most of them Christians who were trying to stage a peaceful protest in Cairo over an attack on a church.

The spiritual leader of the Coptic Christian minority, Pope Shenouda III, declared three days of mourning, praying and fasting for the victims starting on Tuesday and also presided over funerals for some of the Christians killed. Sunday’s sectarian violence was the worst in Egypt since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February.

For the role he claims to have played in the Arab Spring, President Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, Mmm, mmmm), the one who was going to unify the world,  now has Christians’ blood on his hands.


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