Three Four-Way Debates in Florida’s Gubernatorial Contest

Good call for the Lakeland Ledger to call for a debate among the four leading gubernatorial candidates. The Ledger quotes Alex Sink as asking for debates. Good for the Ledger to call her on it.

“Let’s debate the issues in three statewide debates,” she said. “Let’s call out our differences instead of calling names.”

A four-way debate, fairly moderated, will show Floridians who has a plan, already proven to work, to rescue Floridians and Florida’s economy and create jobs. Only one candidate does, Farid Khavari. But don’t take my word for it. Look at his economic plan for Florida.

Thanks to the alternative media for calling it to our attention. Can’t depend on the media watchdog to do its job. That dog died years ago.

For a good example of media bias, check out the Miami Herald’s idea of the race for Florida’s governor. Talk about circling the wagons. . .   They omitted Dr. Khavari. Included Chiles, but excluded Khavari?

The Herald’s so-called ‘Public Insight Network’ is not showing any public insight at all.

Let’s have that debate. Floridians deserve it.

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Black Conservatives Support Glenn Beck Event

Black activists with the Project 21 leadership network support the right of talk show host Glenn Beck to hold his “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2010. Because Beck’s event takes place on the anniversary and at the location of Dr. Martin Luther King’s 1963 “March on Washington” rally, leaders of the establishment civil rights groups oppose the event.

“It’s my understanding from reading the Constitution that the First Amendment applies to all. And nothing better exemplified that than when Dr. King exercised his First Amendment rights nearly 50 years ago,” said Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie. “This isn’t about Dr. King or the day and venue itself. It is about a contempt for the message. It is about those who trade on race as a means of notoriety and income fomenting discord for the sake of keeping those who are loathe to realize they are free imprisoned on a plantation of resentment and bitterness.”

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‘D’ Stands For Double Standard On Corporate Money

“After using big business to advance his political agenda, suddenly President Obama is expressing concerns about corporate money in the political process. The fact is corporations played a crucial role in making ObamaCare law and getting the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill passed in the House of Representatives,” said Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project.

Link: National Center for Public Policy Research

Biden, ‘We’re Moving In The Right Direction’

The media is dutifully in line with the administration in talking about this ‘summer of recovery.’ Obama was talking about this summer, right?

The theme is ripe for a SNL skit. The media and administration are trying to put lipstick on a pig by saying that the economic recovery isn’t happening as fast as they had expected. The punch line is you first have to have a recovery.

They just can’t and won’t admit that the policies implemented are making matters worse, not better.  Saying that it isn’t happening as fast as hoped entirely misses the point.  (The media watchdog died years ago.) There hasn’t been any recovery yet. Unemployment is still high and getting worse. The FUD factor (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) created by this administration has not abated one bit. People and entrepreneurs are holding on to whatever assets they have, afraid of what the administration will do to them, their business, their taxes, or to their employees next. Working people are hitting their retirement accounts just to get by. Just like Obama is providing their children’s and grandchildren’s future debt, their parents are spending their retirement money before they retire. See any red flags here?

And Vice President Biden is still bold to say . . .

There is “no doubt we’re moving in the right direction.”

I have to agree with Biden on that point. There is no doubt that we are moving in the direction that Obama wants. It is required if he is to remake America like he said he wanted to do. So from Biden’s perspective, yea, Obama is a genius and everything is just dandy. We’ll be brought to our knees economically until socialism seems to be better than starving. Until we all are dependent on the federal government. It would be enough to make Hugo Chavez jealous.

And, November elections can’t come soon enough.

Biden: ‘We’ve seen this movie before’: The Swamp.

The Folks Win, For Now

Wouldn’t you like to know where your bank bailout money went? Who knew, in this age of transparency and accountability, that you would have to go to the Supreme Court to find out?

A U.S. appeals court refused to reconsider a ruling that requires the Federal Reserve Board to disclose documents identifying financial firms that might have failed without the largest U.S. government bailout.

And speaking of the accountability and transparency that President Obama promised we would see, what does it take to see that we were lied to?

Link: Fed Loses (Again), Expected to Appeal

New Philly’s Opening Soon

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers these past 11 years, we are just days away from opening our second shop in the Milestone Shopping Center (Publix), at Nine Mile & Pine Forest Roads. This location is a palace compared to our ‘world headquarters’ on Creighton Road. You’ll enjoy more seating, a soda fountain (no more cans) and the same hours of operation, same menu, and the same prices. And, two large handicap accessible restrooms for your convenience.

We’re excited about it! Our customers are excited about it. Exactly when we open depends on getting all the necessary inspections completed. Barring any further delays or complications, I’m looking at Thursday, August 26, 2010, for an opening day.

The phone number at ‘Philly’s Nine Mile’ is 850-473-6780. Call ahead, take-out, or dine in.

Looking forward to serving you soon.

New BP Claims Facility Opens Tomorrow

Beginning Monday, August 23, 2010, all those who have a claim to file must do it through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility run by Kenneth Feinberg, President Obama’s pay czar. Claims will be accepted from August 23 through November 23, 2010.

According to their website . . .

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), administered by Kenneth R. Feinberg, has been established to assist claimants in filing claims for costs and damages incurred as a result of the oil spill resulting from the Deepwater Horizon Incident of April 20, 2010. Claims previously filed with the BP Claims Process have been transitioned to the new GCCF Claims Facility for review, evaluation and determination by the GCCF.

The rules for settling with BP include agreeing not to sue them later. If you think you have a claim, it’s your choice. Settle with them now, or go to court and wait years for whatever is left over after the lawyers take their share.

People affected by the spill seeking final settlements will face a choice: If they decide to sue instead of accepting a settlement, they could face years of litigation; and if they decide to accept the settlement, it could come before the full damage from the spill is known.

The new rules for the claims process were released Friday by Washington lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who was chosen by President Obama to run the fund and who previously oversaw claims for the victims of 9/11.

Beginning Monday, the claims will begin to be handled by Feinberg rather than BP, which is still footing the entire $20 billion bill.

Who gets paid and who does not will depend largely on how much proof there is that losses were caused by the spill and not by something else, such as the recession. Feinberg’s guidelines say that key factors include a claimant’s geographic proximity to the disaster and how much the business or property is linked to “injured natural resources.”

Feinberg elaborated on his reasoning during town meetings this week in Louisiana. “How close are you to the beach? To the gulf?” he said. “. . . That’s a major factor.”

For instance, fishermen, shrimpers, and seafood processors as well as hotel and restaurant owners with beachfront property in areas where oil washed ashore will have the easiest time getting reimbursed. An ice cream parlor or golf course miles from the affected shore but along the main highway headed to the beach would not be eligible, according to documents obtained by the New York Times.

Link: New rules limit claims for oil spillGCCF – Gulf Coast Claims Facility

How To Repeal Obamacare

Now that we know what’s in it. Actually, those of us paying attention knew that none of what President Obama promised us regarding his health care ‘reform’ could possibly come to fruition. The fact that it won’t bring down our cost, and it won’t improve our health care is the reason that the word is out to Democrats on the campaign trail to not run on their accomplishments. God bless them, they’re strategy is to continue to run against George W. Bush.

It WILL raise our cost, it WILL raise our taxes, in the long-term, we CAN’T keep our plan or our doctor if we want to, it WILL increase our national debt, it WILL create longer wait times, it WILL put medical decisions of what procedures won’t be covered into the hands of bureaucrats in Washington, ie., death panels, and in the long run, it WILL bring about the demise of private health insurance companies as we know them, leaving only a government-run health care (single payer) system behind. Just like the disasters of health care systems in Europe, Great Britain, and Canada.

How do we thank President Obama for fundamentally changing America like this? Elect Congressmen and Senators who will promise to repeal Obamacare. That’s how.

Link: Democratic candidates all but ignore their legislative successes

The Taxman Cometh, In January

Barring any legislation to the contrary, the largest tax increase in American history coming in January!

If you thought that the only people in danger of tax increases planned by Congress were rich – think again!

Buckle your seat belts and hold on for the plunge the economy will take when government grabs a lot more money from the poor, the middle class, businesses… and yes… the investor class.

As Ryan Ellis of Americans for Tax Reform painstakingly details below, every part of the American family is about to get socked with big – really big – tax increases. Not only will every rate go up but every employee with company provided health care will discover next year that the value of those benefits will be added to annual income totals by the IRS!

That’s right. You get to pay income taxes on the value of your health care benefits on top of higher rates, reinstitution of the marriage penalty and a loss of deductions for a range of costs including tuition costs, student loans interest payments and health savings accounts!

You don’t need an advanced degree in economics to predict what will happen to our already struggling economy when so much more money is taken from the American economy—and our pockets—to pay for federal government spending (including shiny new luxury jets for Congressional junkets!).

Hopes for new employment from small businesses will also be dashed when new rules require far higher costs from businesses to comply with absurdly increased new paperwork requirements, when investments are taxed at a dramatically higher rate and when most small businesses see their tax rates skyrocket.

The FairTax remains the best researched and most popular alternative to the destructive income tax and headlong rush toward a national economic cliff. Far short of the citizen support to force such a change on Washington, however, our campaign must reach out to every neighbor, friend, colleague and stranger with a positive message of hope, economic improvement, full employment and fiscal restraint.

The FairTax is good for all – not just investors, one party or another. Take the FairTax message now and share it with your most vexing political opponents, with candidates and with friends because without this sea change we’re about to suffer a tax tsunami.

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