Dr. Farid Khavari’s Economic Plan For Floridians

Running as an Independent candidate for Governor of the State of Florida, Dr. Farid Khavari is the only candidate that has a plan that is designed to help the state, and every citizen in it as well. His plan will generate money for the State that will be used to lower costs that our taxes currently pay for. His plan will lower our cost of living via lower interest rates on everything we do.

Lowering costs is the way to lift us all up without creating more debt. And his plan is so simple, you’ll wonder why other States are not doing it. Actually, candidates in other states are considering it right now. But Khavari’s plan for Florida doesn’t stop at a public bank. The public bank is the engine that will fund and drive projects in all aspects of our lives, including reducing the costs of education, health care, and reducing or eliminating taxes, creating energy independency, and more. He wrote the book on it. Towards a Zero-Cost Economy is available from his website free for download.

Enjoy the videos. Visit his campaign website for the details, and vote for Dr. Farid Khavari in Florida’s primary. Florida needs him. And he needs your support.

Link: Farid Khavari for Florida Governor