Three Four-Way Debates in Florida’s Gubernatorial Contest

Good call for the Lakeland Ledger to call for a debate among the four leading gubernatorial candidates. The Ledger quotes Alex Sink as asking for debates. Good for the Ledger to call her on it.

“Let’s debate the issues in three statewide debates,” she said. “Let’s call out our differences instead of calling names.”

A four-way debate, fairly moderated, will show Floridians who has a plan, already proven to work, to rescue Floridians and Florida’s economy and create jobs. Only one candidate does, Farid Khavari. But don’t take my word for it. Look at his economic plan for Florida.

Thanks to the alternative media for calling it to our attention. Can’t depend on the media watchdog to do its job. That dog died years ago.

For a good example of media bias, check out the Miami Herald’s idea of the race for Florida’s governor. Talk about circling the wagons. . .   They omitted Dr. Khavari. Included Chiles, but excluded Khavari?

The Herald’s so-called ‘Public Insight Network’ is not showing any public insight at all.

Let’s have that debate. Floridians deserve it.

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