The Taxman Cometh, In January

Barring any legislation to the contrary, the largest tax increase in American history coming in January!

If you thought that the only people in danger of tax increases planned by Congress were rich – think again!

Buckle your seat belts and hold on for the plunge the economy will take when government grabs a lot more money from the poor, the middle class, businesses… and yes… the investor class.

As Ryan Ellis of Americans for Tax Reform painstakingly details below, every part of the American family is about to get socked with big – really big – tax increases. Not only will every rate go up but every employee with company provided health care will discover next year that the value of those benefits will be added to annual income totals by the IRS!

That’s right. You get to pay income taxes on the value of your health care benefits on top of higher rates, reinstitution of the marriage penalty and a loss of deductions for a range of costs including tuition costs, student loans interest payments and health savings accounts!

You don’t need an advanced degree in economics to predict what will happen to our already struggling economy when so much more money is taken from the American economy—and our pockets—to pay for federal government spending (including shiny new luxury jets for Congressional junkets!).

Hopes for new employment from small businesses will also be dashed when new rules require far higher costs from businesses to comply with absurdly increased new paperwork requirements, when investments are taxed at a dramatically higher rate and when most small businesses see their tax rates skyrocket.

The FairTax remains the best researched and most popular alternative to the destructive income tax and headlong rush toward a national economic cliff. Far short of the citizen support to force such a change on Washington, however, our campaign must reach out to every neighbor, friend, colleague and stranger with a positive message of hope, economic improvement, full employment and fiscal restraint.

The FairTax is good for all – not just investors, one party or another. Take the FairTax message now and share it with your most vexing political opponents, with candidates and with friends because without this sea change we’re about to suffer a tax tsunami.

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Media Focuses On Obama’s Religion, Disappointing

For the first time (I’m guessing) in the history of the United States, an official at The White House has issued a statement that says the President is a Christian. And that he prays daily. The statement wasn’t clear whether he prays to Allah, God or Karl Marx. The fact that such a statement was even made underscores the fact that the question is out there. A rather stunning question about the President of the United States.

My reaction to this ‘news’ that Obama is a Christian falls in the ‘disappointed’ category.

First and foremost, disappointed that his religion should be a topic at all, let alone newsworthy. If you understand the First Amendment, he is free to believe or not to believe in whatever religion he wants. The fact that liberalism itself has become a religion is besides the point. In much the same way that Islam is inextricably connected to government, social behavior, and all aspects of public and private life. The Left sure made a big deal about Gov. Romney’s religion didn’t they?

But in America, and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if he is an atheist or a witch doctor. It’s what the president does and says that matters to me.

Second, that 18 percent of the American people believe he is Muslim, and only 34 percent believe his is a Christian, and a whopping 48 percent don’t know, says a lot of how disconnected this president is from the American people. That’s disappointing. It is symptomatic of his style. Don’t commit to anything, even your faith, else there is someone out there who will be offended. (Like radical Muslims) He is the total opposite of say, Ronald Reagan. Everyone knew who he was and that he stood for America and every American within its borders, and of every faith. He did not play favorites.

For Obama, he traipse around the world, into the Muslim world, and apologizes for American mistakes and arrogance (his words). He doesn’t attend a National Prayer breakfast, but does host a Ramadan dinner at The White House. He, and his Attorney General, go to great lengths to afford Gitmo terrorists, who also happen to be radical Muslims from foreign lands, the protections of our Constitution and civilian court system. And most recently, he spoke in favor of building a mosque (a trophy mosque to Islamic extremists) in the shadow of Ground Zero in New York, totally offending not only the victims’ families but seventy percent of Americans.

Taking his actions and words into account, it is not hard to understand why two-thirds of the country either think he is a Muslim or just don’t know what religion he is. And that’s disappointing indeed.

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