How To Repeal Obamacare

Now that we know what’s in it. Actually, those of us paying attention knew that none of what President Obama promised us regarding his health care ‘reform’ could possibly come to fruition. The fact that it won’t bring down our cost, and it won’t improve our health care is the reason that the word is out to Democrats on the campaign trail to not run on their accomplishments. God bless them, they’re strategy is to continue to run against George W. Bush.

It WILL raise our cost, it WILL raise our taxes, in the long-term, we CAN’T keep our plan or our doctor if we want to, it WILL increase our national debt, it WILL create longer wait times, it WILL put medical decisions of what procedures won’t be covered into the hands of bureaucrats in Washington, ie., death panels, and in the long run, it WILL bring about the demise of private health insurance companies as we know them, leaving only a government-run health care (single payer) system behind. Just like the disasters of health care systems in Europe, Great Britain, and Canada.

How do we thank President Obama for fundamentally changing America like this? Elect Congressmen and Senators who will promise to repeal Obamacare. That’s how.

Link: Democratic candidates all but ignore their legislative successes

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