New Philly’s Opening Soon

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers these past 11 years, we are just days away from opening our second shop in the Milestone Shopping Center (Publix), at Nine Mile & Pine Forest Roads. This location is a palace compared to our ‘world headquarters’ on Creighton Road. You’ll enjoy more seating, a soda fountain (no more cans) and the same hours of operation, same menu, and the same prices. And, two large handicap accessible restrooms for your convenience.

We’re excited about it! Our customers are excited about it. Exactly when we open depends on getting all the necessary inspections completed. Barring any further delays or complications, I’m looking at Thursday, August 26, 2010, for an opening day.

The phone number at ‘Philly’s Nine Mile’ is 850-473-6780. Call ahead, take-out, or dine in.

Looking forward to serving you soon.

3 thoughts on “New Philly’s Opening Soon”

  1. Ross- we came in Saturday for 6 sandwiches to “Philly’s Nine Mile”.
    New faces behind the counter (except for you at the register)- but same high quality and delicious food.

    Thanks for expanding to our side of town!

    -The Littles

  2. Thanks Mark. We’ll be referring to it as ‘Philly’s Nine Mile.’ And the other one ‘Philly’s Creighton.’

    OK, further complication. Now best case scenario is for Friday. We’re in awaiting inspection mode right now. There is the mechanical, the electrical, the fire inspections that have to happen. The plumbing one is done. Then, after those three are done, the State health inspection is the final one. We won’t be operating until ALL of them are done. And, I’m hoping, all will be done by Friday.

    But since they don’t do weekends, if it doesn’t happen by Friday, then we’re into next week. Again. Argh!

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