Blogger Flees Iran, To London

The blogger who sent the image of a dying protester, Neda Agha-Solta,  around the world a year ago has just arrived in London after fleeing Iran via Turkey.

Neda Agha-Soltan
Sayeed Valadbaygi helped make Neda Agha-Solta a symbol of the protest movement through a film of her death on street of Tehran.

Sayeed Valadbaygi thinks the UN sanctions are not enough. Ahmadinejad and his colleagues should be ostracised by all governments, he believes.

“We need change in Iran,” he said. “We want a proper system of government, elected by the people, for the people. I want to breathe, to speak freely. I want to be able to walk down a street holding my girlfriend’s hand.”

The United States ought to be doing whatever it can to help Sayeed and the opposition movement in Iran. It is unfortunate for the cause of freedom and human rights that we have a president with no guts to help. On the international stage, it’s called voting ‘present,’ just like he did when he was a U.S. senator.

Link: Blogger Sayeed Valadbaygi who alerted world to Iran’s brutal crackdown flees to London – Times Online.

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