Obama's Sleight-Of-Hand Move With Your Money

Since about the time the Democrat(ic) party decided to change their mind on the war in Iraq, which took all of about 4 months after it started, what has been their complaint? After the ‘he lied to get us into war’ and ‘there were no WMD’s,’ Democrat’s main concern was its cost. We can’t afford it. It will break our economy.

True, the cost of the war is great. Unfortunately, the cost of losing it is greater. Early on in their chorus of the immense cost of the war, I suspected that they were basically looking at the ‘cost’ of the war as opportunities lost for all sorts of entitlement and other socialistic programs that build (read ‘buy’) voter constituencies.

Today, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) just proved my suspicion was well founded. Apparently, Obama and his party have gotten used to spending $10 billion a month on the war, and they have seen that the country is still here, and still growing, despite all the obstacles and challenges that have happened to us since the war began. They are no longer saying that we can’t afford it. Instead, in responding to President Bush’s announcement to draw down troops in Iraq, and to put more troops in Afghanistan, Obama is saying that he has better uses for that $10 billion a month.

It’s time to change our foreign policy. I will succeed in Iraq by responsibly removing our combat brigades and pressing Iraqis to stand up for their future. I will rebuild our military. I will finally have a comprehensive strategy to finish the job in Afghanistan – with more troops, more training for Afghan security forces, more development resources, more anti-corruption safeguards, and more of a focus on eliminating the Taliban and al Qaeda sanctuary along the Pakistan border. And I will stop spending $10 billion a month in Iraq so that we can invest in our economy here at home.

What is the answer to the enormous cost of the war? When it ends, the cost also ends. Who knows, we might need it again some day.

link: Senator Obama’s Remarks on President Bush’s Speech

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