'What If' Is Not A Strategy For POTUS

It’s no secret that playing on Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) age has become a talking point, albeit ‘winning’ strategy on the Left. Obviously, those that do this have not met McCain’s ninety-six year old mother. This is how it goes, ‘yea, he has military experience, but because he is so old, if he dies in office and Palin takes over, then where will we be? She has no experience.’

This strategy works well with the unsuspecting masses because it takes no thought whatsoever. First of all, it presumes their new nemesis, Sarah Palin, has no experience. Actually, she has more executive experience than both men on the Democratic ticket combined. And as an added bonus, she is not part of the Washington crowd. She is the one who is ‘in touch’ with Americans and their ‘values’ that the Left would like you to believe they have. And the Left will exploit those at the bottom of the barrel to ‘prove’ it.

Secondly, this ‘what if’ strategy acknowledges that there is a war going on and that the world is a dangerous place that requires the United States to be and to stay strong militarily. This flies in the face of the mantra of McCain’s opponents, who have been saying for years that our military should come home and just get out of the zones of conflict where we are currently engaged, then our enemies will not bother us. In other words, quit.

If you’re going to be using the mortality of a candidate to make a judgment, then you can’t ignore this one. The real kicker in this ‘what if’ strategy is, it totally ignores what will happen to our country if Obama becomes President and lives. To me, that would be worse for our country than if McCain becomes President and dies.