Why Pointing Fingers Instead Of Investigations?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi went into the House vote today by shoring up, or so she thought, the finger pointing of Republicans and the Bush administration. It turned out to be a preamble to failure. Perhaps she knew that she didn’t have enough Democrats to vote for the bailout either because the bill could have passed without a single Republican vote. Remembering Enron, you can bet the ranch that if any Republican could be held responsible that there would already have been investigations launched. I’m not certain, but maybe someone is holding Henry Waxman hostage somewhere?

All her finger pointing is meant to be a distraction from who is really to blame for the economic meltdown. Her Party. Everyone agrees that it was the result of bad mortgages. But no one seems willing to find out how we got there. For Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, there is good reason that Democrats don’t want to look too deep into the problem. They’re hoping to skate from responsibility by blaming it all on Bush and, as Pelosi called it today, runaway and unregulated economic policies. And they hope to get Obama elected before the American people find out the extent of his participation in it. To look at Obama today, he is acting as if he was an innocent bystander while the problem just snuck up on us.

Fact is, Sen. Barack Obama played no small part in contributing to the problem. And his fellow Democrats not only contributed to the problem, they started it, they made it worse, and they fought Republicans against any attempt at regulation reforms that could have prevented the situation that we find ourselves in today.

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