Boeing Machinist Union Strikes For Respect

It is a good thing that Boeing dropped out of the controversial air tanker project. Hopefully, they had national security in mind when they found their union was behaving badly. The union leaders were more concerned with respect than a three-year contract offer that includes bonuses totaling at least $5,000 and averaging $6,400, raises averaging 11 percent, pension increases and a 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment – $34,000 in average pay and benefit gains per employee.

Tom Wroblewski, president of Machinists District Lodge 751, declared in a statement Friday that Boeing had “disrespected the finest aerospace workers anywhere on the planet” by failing to meet machinists’ expectations.

‘Failing to meet machinists’ expectations?’ Ignorant of anything but gimme gimme gimme, it would be helpful for unions to learn of the consequences of what the union is asking for. Ask any employee in the auto industry what biting your nose to spite your face will get you. Unemployed.

“We’re not greedy, we just want a piece of the pie,” said Scott Daniels as he helped make picket signs late Friday. “They offer us bonuses. We don’t want bonuses.” Machinists want an improved 401k and improved vacation, he said.

It has been three or four decades since raises of 11 percent were remotely considered reasonable. 11% then is like 5% today. Unions need to do something different. Instead of trying to trade roles with management, they should start a new company to their liking. Maybe call it Paradise Inc.. The all-pay and no-work company, where they can get everything they want, whenever they want. Oh, and dues will be 100% of their pay. And as part of their orientation, they get a free CD of Aretha Franklin’s single, R E S P E C T.

link: Contract talks fail; machinists strike Boeing Co.