Barack Obama Responds To Palin 'Hanging'

Responding to the news and pictures of Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin hanging from a noose as part of a Holloween display, Sen. Obama had this to say: ” ”

I’ll fill in the quote as soon as he says something about it.

Oh wait. Is it too late for Obama to speak to this issue, now that it reportedly has been taken down?

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2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Responds To Palin 'Hanging'”

  1. I haven’t heard of ‘scores’ of such displays. I googled and found only one at U.of K. At any rate, none have been in the news as much as this one.

    Seems to me that Barack is missing an opportunity to demonstrate some of the ‘unity’ he is promising he can do by not calling these jerks out. Kind of a ‘sister Soldja’ moment, if you will.

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