Obama 30-Minute Ad, Pre-Buttal And Drinking Game

When Barack Obama’s 30-minute advertisement comes on tonight, be prepared to see him sounding like he is not a socialist. But pay close attention to the words he uses. Like when he speaks of ‘fairness’ and ‘sharing’ things, he is playing with your money and smacks of the same socialist dogma that he talked about in that 2001 interview. And when it talks of greed on Wall Street, replace ‘Wall Street’ with ‘Government’ and see how it fits. There is no point in hoping that he will accept any responsibility, either for himself or his party (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Johnson, and others), for the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. That will be placed upon Bush and Republicans so be prepared for that.

I doubt also that he will distance himself from people the likes of William Ayers or Rev. Wright, his reverend for 20 years, or the former head of the PLO news media Rashid Khalidi. If he mentions it at all, it will be in the context of the McCain campaign creating a ‘distraction’ from the ‘real’ issues. If he again tries to minimize the importance of those (he will use the word) ‘associations,’ and not ‘alliances,’ just know that he is lying through his teeth and trying to keep up the charade that these are people whom he does not support or have anything in common with.

On the lighter side, John Feehery has a fun idea by making a drinking game out of Obama’s show tonight.

Each time Obama proposes a program that will expand government by a billion dollars, take a drink. My guess is that you will be pretty drunk in the first 15 minutes, and completely bombed by the end of the program.

Farifax County Will Count Military Overseas Ballots

As a follow up to this post, Military Absentee Ballots Rejected In Virginia of 3 days ago, the question of whether those 255 out of 260 ballots received would be counted due to lack of witness addresses, has been resolved. These ballots WILL BE counted.

According to an official at the Fairfax County Registrar’s office today, it was decided yesterday that federal law, which under these circumstances does not require addresses of witnesses, will trump state law that does.