Obama 'Reaches Out' On 'Stimulus' Bill

President Obama deserves an academy award for this line . . .

“I’ve done extraordinary outreach to Republicans because they have some good ideas and I want to make sure those ideas are incorporated,” Obama said.

He is talking about the so-called economic stimulus plan that passed the House and goes to the Senate tomorrow. This is the very same bill that Nancy Pelosi made sure that Republicans would have no input on.

The House vote showed bi-partisan support for not supporting the bill. It included all the Republicans and 11 Democrats. Obama doesn’t need Republicans to pass this Democrat-created bill.  What he needs to pass this bill is Democrats.

link: Obama to meet Congressional leaders again on stimulus

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  1. The House Democratic leadership thought they could throw some tax cuts in there and Republicans would jump on board. The truth is, Republicans won’t support any “stimulus” bill unless it is 100% tax cuts. The Democratic leadership should have realised this and instead of offering an olive branch, put together the bill they really wanted — because the Republicans would vote it down either way.

    However, House Republicans are IRRELEVANT until they stop being so ideologically entrenched. House Democrats don’t need their votes to pass anything.

    The Senate is a completely different ballgame, though. This will not be unanimously opposed in the Senate. There are several moderate-ish Republicans in blue-leaning states that I predict will support it because they’re up for election in two years.

    There definitely are stupid things in the bill (DTV transition coupon funding, etc) but it’s a mostly good bill IMO. Look for the Senate Dem. leadership to clean it up a little to ensure the aforementioned moderate Republican support, pass it, and send it back to the House, where it will be passed again and sent to the president.

    1. In a bill that was sold to us as an economic stimulus bill, the truth is that it isn’t an economic stimulus bill. It is a government stimulus bill. And I think that that is the reason Republicans don’t like it. The notion of limited tax cuts are throwing R’s a bone pretty much confirms that government stimulus comes before economic stimulus.

      Here is the conservative/liberal argument. A conservative will insist that only measures that provide a stimulus to the economy be included in the bill. A liberal will not be satisfied with just that. They will try to include campaign promises into the economic stimulus bill. On things that ought to be submitted as a bill before congress instead of using up ‘stimulus’ money to advance an agenda without debate. It is Rahm Emanual’s ‘rule one’ you know.

      “Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.”

      They will get 100% R support if the Senate absolutely strips out everything that isn’t an economic stimulus. Let the political parties decide if, how, and when they want to present new legislation on whatever would be pulled from it. Let the people (legislature) decide if it is something they want? Something they would vote for? Pass or Fail. No insurance ( government bailout).

      The bill looks ‘mostly good’ because it has a whole host of stuff in it. Most of which are good ideas. But from a practical and honest standpoint, keeping the emergency response to the economic crisis focused to rejuvenating a free-market economy, not building a government-dependent economy, is what is needed right now. All the rest of those good ideas should be presented to congress the old fashioned way, through bills and transparency, where our representatives can vote on them one way or the other.

      If those Republicans weren’t so ideologically entrenched, I think they would be Democrats.

  2. It must depend on what the definition of stimulate is, because it does nothing to incentivize risk taking, grow business, jobs, or investment.

  3. Can somebody explain how the millions for std control will stimulate the economy?

    Please no more social programs to take the place of parents educating their children.

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