Women's Movement, The Left, And Gov. Palin

It did not take more than a few milliseconds for the left in the media and the blogs to jump into Gov. Palin’s family matters. And they do it for a host of reasons. Primary of which is to use her decision to have her baby rather than abort it, and add her daughter’s situation to derail the Republican ticket. And oh, how in the world can she be vice president when she has 5 children. Especially when the last one was born with Down syndrome?

Laura Ingraham correctly pointed out on FOX last night that the so-called women’s movement, with their take on Gov. Palin, show themselves to be all about and only about liberal women, and not women.

Remember when the so-called feminists, and the political left, were just fawning over Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying how courageous and strong a woman she is being able to run a family and the government? She is, you know, second in line of succession for the presidency. Gov. Palin has shown that she can do both, but is now being derided for not just staying home.

What Nancy Pelosi said. . .

‘Maybe it takes a woman to clean house.’ Asked if her remark was deliberately sexist, she replied, ‘It is. Because the fact is a woman represents what’s new, because it’s never happened before.’

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