Pensacola Is Ready For Gustav

If the lines at the checkout counters in grocery stores and gas stations are any indication, I’d say Pensacola is ready. Fortunately for us, so far anyway, it looks like the eye of Gustav will be far to our west. This means we’ll have some rain and strong winds, not hurricane strength winds. They are projecting a rather small storm surge of 4 to 6 feet in the Florida panhandle. It also means bad news for New Orleans. But at least they are also looking better prepared this time.

I’m feeling sorry for the Mississippi gulf coast though.  They’re expecting a storm surge of over 20 feet, which will wipe out all the rebuilding that they’ve managed to do so far since Katrina.

During our last hurricane, Dennis, Gulf Power Company cut the electric when the winds got to be 35 mph rather than wait for wind damage itself to cut it off. We’ll see what happens this time. If all goes well, we’ll be OK here too with the emergency generator and a good supply of gasoline to run it. Am hoping to be able to stay hooked up to the Internet.

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