Iraqis Prefer McCain

The fact that the Iraqi people prefer McCain over Obama should tell you something.

See what these key provincial Iraqi leaders said . . .

“The Iraqis are really fearful about some of the positions the Democratic Party has adopted,” says Sheik Ahmed Abu Rishah. “If the Democrats win, they will be withdrawing their forces in a very rapid manner.”

Mamoun Sami Rashid al-Alawi, the governor of Anbar province, agrees. “We have over a million casualties, thousands of houses destroyed,” he says. “Are we going to tell [Iraqis] that the game is over? That the Americans are pulling out?”

Democrats, so concerned with what the rest of the world thinks of them, what do they think the Iraqi people will think of them if, like Democrats want to do, they leave before the job is finished? That, would be a betrayal. And, not a good way to develop trust, or allies, around the world.

WSJ link: Why Iraqis Back McCain

Red Cross Needs Help

They are out of money and in need of volunteers who can spend a few weeks with them to help the flood victims in the heartland. For the flood relief program, they’ve only raised $3.2 million and have spend $15 million of borrowed money.

Ken Cromer/Red Cross Disaster Services: ‘A lot of the people that are able to go for two and three weeks, they’re retired.. They have the time available now to go out and make a difference. Plus a lot of them, they saw what happened here in Ivan and the help that they received and it helps them go out and help other people.’ The Red Cross is still looking for dozens of volunteers to help, especially as the flooding continues south into Oklahoma And Texas.

I think we know where all the money went.

The shortage in the organization’s only domestic disaster relief fund comes as it continues flood relief efforts in soaked Iowa and ramps up its work downstream in Illinois and Missouri as more flooding is expected there. Officials said the Red Cross has 2,500 workers on the ground, 89 percent of them volunteers. Joe Becker, senior vice president of disaster services, said the fund has been depleted over the past few years in the absence of large-scale disasters that bring attention to the relevance of the Red Cross.

This disaster seems to me to be a lot worse than what happened in New Orleans after Katrina passed. So why is it that there is not some publicity for help for these victims? Is the media too lazy to find the victims to tell the story? I don’t see Democrats in Washington jumping in front of TV cameras yelling at Bush. It is as if they are ignoring the victims because they don’t see a political advantage in trying to help them. Don’t they care about middle America? Where is the outrage, the 24/7 call for help? Where’s Hollywood in all this? Why the relative silence in the face of such a widespread tragedy? Or is the aid getting to the people, all evacuees have a roof over their head, and there’s nothing to be gained by accusing Bush of totally improving FEMA? But I haven’t seen any such stories. Like I said, you probably wouldn’t anyway. You have to ask yourself, what’s different here?

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Democrats Closed Tent On Lieberman

Referring to Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) as public enemy no. 1, Democrats are once again illustrating how really ‘closed tent’ that party really is. They are upset that Joe Lieberman supports Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) instead of the Democrat’s choice, first-time Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).

Anyone who knows Joe Lieberman, knows how he feels about the war on terror. Like me, he feels that there is nothing else more important to us as a society right now than to see to it that we don’t have 9/11’s on a weekly basis. They are at war with us, believe it or not. And if you’ve been blown up, what does it matter which company you can tax into oblivion? Then the company gets blown up, like what happened on 9/11. Then what are you going to tax? Continue reading Democrats Closed Tent On Lieberman

USF Student Pleads Guilty To Terrorism Charges

Remember these University of South Florida students? In August 2007 the two, both Egyptian, were caught with explosive materials in their car, while headed in the direction of a Navy base where nuclear warheads are loaded onto submarines, and another military base where former Guantanamo prisoners are being held. They were indicted on terrorism charges last September.

What a terrorist from Egypt looks like.

Smiley Mohamed isn’t smiling any more. He just plead guilty to being a terrorist. The ‘they were just fireworks’ defense didn’t fly. Read Ahmed Mohamed’s plea agreement here.

H/T to Debbie Schlussel for the whole story.

Supreme Court Hands Another Win To The Enemy

There is not a better example of Judicial abuse then what the five liberal justices on the Supreme Court did today. They ignored precedent.

With this court, precedents are fine as long as it meets their liberal agenda, which includes the notion that the U.S. Constitution is a rough draft of the way things should be. And decisions like the one today serve to refine or update it.

The Justices have just made American citizens unsafe in a time that we are at war.

Never in the history of American jurisprudence have we given full Constitutional rights to terrorists captured anywhere in the world who commit atrocities on civilians.

They overstepped their bounds in the separation of powers. The executive branch is responsible for conducting all aspects of war, not the judiciary. They cast a pall over our entire military and the brave men and women wearing the uniform and fighting to protect us and kill the enemy. They insulted the surviving families of those who gave their life for the very same constitution that this court is abusing. And they may as well have spat on the graves of those who gave the full measure with this decision.

It is our soldiers, our citizens, that deserve the protection of our Constitution, NOT the terrorists that want to kill us.

The media and their buds on the left report this decision as a loss for Bush. It reveals to all just who they are at war with, and it isn’t al Qaeda. This isn’t a loss for Bush. This is a loss for America.

Hear it all put into context by Mark Levin in this 10 minute audio clip. H/T NewsBusters.

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How About An Energy Policy That Gets Some?

The Democrats’ plan on fixing our country’s energy problem of high prices and foreign oil dependency is to punish the only people here that can help, our own oil companies. And as an added bonus, we continue to be dependent on OPEC, Venezuela, and Russia for resources that we have, but are not willing to get.

But wait! There’s more! By campaigning on creating punitive taxes upon our own oil companies, Democrats will also depress the incomes of millions of Americans who are invested in America’s energy industries either directly or through retirement and IRA accounts. We’re talking about the 50k/yr ‘hard working Americans’, people like our first responders, fire and police departments, teachers, factory workers, hospital workers, nurses and nursing home workers, small business owners and their employees.

The irony here is, the very people these Democrats say they are going to help, will actually be hurt twice. In their retirement account, and at the pump. The Democrats know it isn’t a solution, and the dumb masses will buy into the notion that the pain they feel is caused by Bush instead of these lawmakers. The fraudulent impression, or spin, is that the Democrats in Washington are the only ones who really care about them. The only ones that want to help them. All that, and a little dash of class envy and anti-capitalist rhetoric tossed in for good measure. For them, the party comes before the country.

Will robbing the oil companies of their profits and trying to control their industry via the tax hammer, without permitting them to get to our own resources and build more refineries, make the prices go higher or lower? This is a rhetorical question. For those educated in government schools, the answer is it will drive prices HIGHER.

This country needs a leader who will set a goal, equal in size to putting a man in space or a man on the moon. A short-term goal designed to get enough oil, gas, clean coal and nuclear energy within our own borders, including the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico, in order to increase supply. Only then will we see prices fall. The long-term goal would be of course, to invent and develop alternative kinds of energy that will reduce, if not replace the need for fossil fuels.

Oil prices would start falling on the day we adopt an energy policy intended to make the United States an oil producer instead of an oil buyer. And it would only get better as we would bring it to fruition.

Republican Party Needs Rebuilding, Not Re-branding

Seeing this primary fight between the Clinton and Obama camps is bittersweet. On the one hand, this fight for the Democrat nomination produced a treasure trove of ad material for republicans and conservatives for the general election campaign. John McCain excepted. Sen. Obama’s campaign may self-destruct as more people learn more about him and the kind of people he surrounds himself with and seeks counsel from. The bad part of this protracted primary fight is that McCain won’t use any of it. How could he? Much of the democrat candidates’ positions on key issues are the same as his so it wouldn’t work. Immigration, more business regulation, ‘windfall’ profits tax actions against BIG OIL, man-made global warming, just to name a few.

Conservatives have their work cut out for them. Forget the last 40 years of toil. We’ve got to start over. We have to find conservatives, real ones, and run them in our city, county, state elected positions. From the ground up again, Yes We Can. (sorry, it just happened)

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'Working Class' Philanthropist In Millville

Here’s a story of a multi-millionaire philanthropist, who never made more than $11 an hour in the 62 years he worked and does not own a TV or have a phone.

He can’t remember the last time he owned a television. The last thing he remembers watching on TV, Navone said, was the NASA moon landing in 1969.

He applied for his first job, at Wheaton Glass, upon becoming eligible to work on his 16th birthday. He said he was amazed at his first hourly wage – 75 cents – and thought it was a mistake. He said nothing and waited the two weeks to his first paycheck, and when he saw that the hourly wage was no mistake, he was elated.

What a great man to do what he did, and continues to do. And what a country to make it possible. Not a better example of how making the right choices, like making bad choices, can change your life.

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Continue reading 'Working Class' Philanthropist In Millville

aSide Order

On the food front, uncooked tomatoes are under suspicion.

McDonald’s said Monday that it had stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its restaurants over concerns about salmonella food poisoning linked to uncooked tomatoes.

In Pensacola, our distributor has stopped sales of fresh tomatoes until the FDA can decide whether Florida growers are involved.

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Those folks at the Onion News Network are something else.

Now view it again and read the crawl at the bottom.

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

The world famous tram cars on the Wildwood boardwalk see their 60th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they will charge what they charged back in 1949 for a one-way ride, a thin dime. Well, for one day anyway.

To mark the start of the Wildwoods Boardwalk tram cars’ 60th year, a ride on the famous trams will be just 10 cents one-way Wednesday, the same fare charged in 1949 when the trams made their debut.

Patrick Rosenello, executive director of the Boardwalk Special Improvement District, which operates the trams, said the drastic fare reduction – the current rate is $2 each way – was a perfect way to acknowledge an important piece of Wildwoods history.

“I think the trams are synonymous with the Boardwalk,” Rosenello said, adding, “Not having the trams would be like taking the wood off the Boardwalk.”

Another thing synonymous with the tram cars was the warning message the conductor played as they approached walkers in their way. Watch the tramcar please! Some kids and tourists would ignore the approaching tram just to hear the message. Yea, guilty.