Supreme Court Hands Another Win To The Enemy

There is not a better example of Judicial abuse then what the five liberal justices on the Supreme Court did today. They ignored precedent.

With this court, precedents are fine as long as it meets their liberal agenda, which includes the notion that the U.S. Constitution is a rough draft of the way things should be. And decisions like the one today serve to refine or update it.

The Justices have just made American citizens unsafe in a time that we are at war.

Never in the history of American jurisprudence have we given full Constitutional rights to terrorists captured anywhere in the world who commit atrocities on civilians.

They overstepped their bounds in the separation of powers. The executive branch is responsible for conducting all aspects of war, not the judiciary. They cast a pall over our entire military and the brave men and women wearing the uniform and fighting to protect us and kill the enemy. They insulted the surviving families of those who gave their life for the very same constitution that this court is abusing. And they may as well have spat on the graves of those who gave the full measure with this decision.

It is our soldiers, our citizens, that deserve the protection of our Constitution, NOT the terrorists that want to kill us.

The media and their buds on the left report this decision as a loss for Bush. It reveals to all just who they are at war with, and it isn’t al Qaeda. This isn’t a loss for Bush. This is a loss for America.

Hear it all put into context by Mark Levin in this 10 minute audio clip. H/T NewsBusters.

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