While You Were Out, Iran Called

While everyone was busy worrying about American Idols, the politician and the one on TV, and who’s priest said what, cranes falling, and Hollywood burning, we all missed Iran’s way of negotiating with the IAEA when it comes to their nuclear ambitions. For months now, Iran has refused to cooperate with the IAEA. Negotiations aren’t over. But negotiations do have and ending point where the problem is either solved one way or solved another way. Here is a short list of news from the wire services for the last 10 days.

You should be mad as hell at the media. ALL of them didn’t so much as mention this BIG problem. When they start connecting the dots as to why it had to be solved militarily, they better start right here.

Why the virtual blackout? From the get-go it is out of Obama’s grasp. Iran says their uranium enrichment is none of the U.N.’s concern, and, is not negotiable. That, and a threat of this magnitude would play to the Republican’s strong suit, national defense. And maybe a little circling the wagons by downplaying the reality of a threatening Iran in order to present a different ‘reality,’ that of nominating a rookie, in every sense of the word, to the most powerful job in the world. It is better for Democrats, politically, to just ignore it.

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