Iran's Nuclear Position, 'This Matter Is Over'

Eliminating all questions as to whether Iran can be negotiated with, especially over their uranium enrichment program, Iran’s position is simple. The ‘matter is over.’  This presents a special problem for the Obama campaign.

For however many months or years the IAEA has been trying to gain physical access to all areas of Iran’s nuclear program, it now appears they never will. Instead, Iran’s total response is 200 pages of paper and a bunch of meetings. OK, we’re done here. Now scram.

Tehran had turned over “more than 200 pages of explanations and documents” and held more than 70 hours of talks with U.N. inspectors, Iranian Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh said, denying his government had issued only empty denials.

“We left no question unanswered. We have done our job. This matter is over,” he said as the four-day meeting ended.

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