2008 Mummers Parade On TV

Great news for those people, like myself, who have moved away from the Philadelphia area and miss seeing the Mummers Parade. According to Mummers.com, the 2008 parade on New Years Day will be broadcast on SuperStation WGN for FOUR 4 FOUR HOURS starting at 2pm/et!

Hip Hip, Hooray!

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UPDATE 1/1/2008: I sent WGN some feedback on today’s Mummers Parade, including this. . .

Question is, will you be broadcasting a one-hour show on Sunday that was mentioned during today’s parade as the Best of the Best? It wasn’t clear by the announcer if she was talking of WGN or PHL17 (the local Philadelphia TV station) that was having the 1-hour special this Sunday that would feature the best entrants in each category, including, of course, the ones that we didn’t see today.

And to Lynn (below), according to their website they are on DirectTV and Dish Network.
I’ll post their reply here about whether they will be having the 1-hour special this Sunday. I suppose if enough of you contact them, that they’ll put something on their website about it too.

UPDATE 1/2/2008 : I got a reply from WGN on the Sunday recap. Unfortunately it wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. The recap mentioned above must have been for the local Philly station PHL17. WGN has no plans for it. To WGN’s credit, they responded promptly and promised to forward my suggestions to the management, to do a complete show even if it means showing some of it later in the day as pre-recorded, and a webcast simulcast.They seem totally receptive to feedback. I’d encourage everyone to send a courteous request to keep the Mummers coming and to make contingency plans for delays like what happened yesterday. Also it would be nice to thank them for trying to bring the Mummers to America. Remember, they’re in Chicago. I don’t think they have a complete understanding of the significance of the Mummers Parade in our lives. I guess what happened yesterday would be like having a Chicago hot dog without a bun.

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9 thoughts on “2008 Mummers Parade On TV”

  1. Thanks Southwest Airlines and WGN for televising the 2008 Mummers New Year’s Parade. I grew up in Philly and was surprised to see the parade while channel surfing yesterday. The show was great, although I (like many others) was disappointed the coverage ended before the String Bands came to the judging area. I’m not sure if WGN programming officials understand that is the climax of the show…perhaps a lessons learned for next year.

  2. We were thrilled to see the broadcast, but it was very disappointing when WGN ran “America’s Funniest” instead of sticking with the parade for the string bands. They don’t cut sports broadcasts that go into OT. The Rose Parade played all day on multiple channels – give us a break. We would love to see the parade in HD, but would settle for a quality web-cast if we could hear and see the ENTIRE parade.

  3. WGN, thank you for televising the parade.

    Please don’t cut coverage before the string bands start. The best part of the parade was not shown, and I (a relocated Philadelphian) was left without seeing my favorite part of the parade. I felt disappointed.

    Also, the Rose Parade was televised in HD. Sure would be nice if the Mummer’s Parade would be too.

  4. Barbara said “Where were the string bands? Why weren’t they televised?”

    I think it’s a case of when weather and time collide. The televised portion was 4 hrs, from 2-6 EST. Unfortunately, the parade was delayed over 2 hours because of weather. That’s why we missed the last half, the best half, of the parade.

    During the broadcast, they did say that on Sunday they would have an hour of the best of the best. The best of each category of the parade in a one hour show. BUT I don’t know if that was PHL17 only , or if WGN was also going to do it. The announcer didn’t say that it was only for the Philadelphia station, so I’m ASSuming that WGN will carry that too. ?? I kind of doubt it but, I hope they will.

    Not seeing the string bands is kind of like paradus interruptus. Dang. I hate when that happens.

  5. Where were the string bands? Why weren’t they televised? They are the most entertaining part of the mummer’s celebration…not to mention how hard they work all year to perform their show!!
    It does not feel like a new year’s celebration without the string bands…What influenced your decision to put on regular programming at 6PM…Traditionally this has been a day of joy..and celebration…today is a huge disappointment…

  6. Watching the parade again is great. Sorry Lynn. I couldn’t find a webcast of it anywhere.

    Thanks to Southwest Airlines for footing the bill for one of the longest parades ever. I think it is the longest parade in terms of time. 4 hours. That, I’ve been told, is what discourages the big 3 from carrying it. Thanks also to Superstation WGN Chicago.

    You have no idea how happy you are making a lot of people today.

    A webcast, for those out of reach of WGN, including those overseas, would be great. But that might be asking too much. Maybe AT&T could handle that for next year, if the current sponsors don’t take it on themselves. ??

  7. Thank you Southwest Airlines for sponsoring the Mummers Parade on Tv. I have been searching every New Years Day on all my tv channels hoping that somewhere someway I would get to see again my favorite parade ever. I will never forget the thrill 50 some years of going down to Broad in freezing weather every year to watch and dance with all those colorful and talented musicians for hours and hours. I am over the moon to get to see them again here in Florida after all these years. Thanks again!!!!

  8. Thank you southwest airlines for sponsoring the mummers parade to be televised !!!! I have been a resident of Florida for 14 years and new years day has never been the same. I was born and raised in Philly . Mummers is a tradition and one of the best parades out there. Especially the string bands. I get goose bumps when the music begins! thanks again WGN and southwest

  9. only problem is that WGN is no longer carried as a satellite analog station, nor is it carried as digital.


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