Shahid Malik’s Flying Adventure

Shahid Malik, an “international development minister” in Great BritainShahid Malik says he is “deeply disappointed” that he was detained by airport security officials at Dulles International Airport, near Washington D.C..  The BBC apparently thinks it’s a Muslim thing, based on this question they pose at the end of the article.

Are you a Muslim who has been detained in an American airport? Did you think it was justified? Send us your comments using the form below

Needless to say, I sent them a comment.

Just so you know it’s nothing personal, but as an American, I’m happy to hear that the passenger’s bags were searched. It is reassuring to see that airport security is still taken as a deadly serious matter.

Shahid Malik’s prejudice or arrogance over being searched demonstrates the insensitivity he holds for Americans. Americans, if you don’t mind, do not want to get hit again by another airliner. Americans also do not want any one else to be hit either. And by posing your question, it appears that you share in, or want to exploit, or both, the same prejudice and arrogance.

Terrorists, you will recall, can be from the upper class Muslims too. But no Muslim, or ANY passenger, should be ashamed or embarrassed for having to go through airline security. It is for your, and everyone else on the plane, own good.

But to answer your question. NO, I’m not a Muslim. Why does it matter? And YES, I have been ‘detained’ at airports, every time I fly.

Most importantly, YES, it was justified because they did not know if I was carrying banned items, like explosives.

And if you don’t see the JUSTIFICATION, then you are not taking the Islamofascists’s jihad seriously enough. And maybe you should ask yourself just why that is?

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