Last Man Standing Against The Surge

Host of Air America Radio show ‘Ring of Fire,’ Mike Papantonio, is still in denial over the effects of what is known as ‘the surge’ in the Iraqi front of what is known as the war on terror. He, who has never been to Iraq, says that all the journalists who have been there, all the generals who are prosecuting it, and all those Iraqi citizens who are returning home from Syria, knows that the whole thing is a sham, AND that all the media the world over are somehow controlled by ‘the shrub’ (the nickname he ascribes to President Bush) in as much as they are complicit in spreading the myth that the surge is working.

Makes one wonder how someone who he repeatedly calls an idiot could be able to control all journalists and all media worldwide and all our military leaders to say that the surge is working when it isn’t, doesn’t it? Certainly qualifies for the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day, MRIOTD.

Hear it in his own words in an excerpt from last Saturday’s Ring of Fire show that he calls ‘The Pap Attack.’

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