Ahmadinejad And Ground Zero

Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad is coming to the United States to pal around with the hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuelan President ahmadinejad_today_1979Hugo Chavez, and he also wants to visit ground zero. His request was denied, but he is apparently intending to go anyway with the Secret Service security detail normally assigned to visiting diplomats.

Nate Harris at Conservative Compendium has a novel idea.

I would like to be the first to suggest that Mahmoud be able to give a speech overlooking the pits where the WTC once stood, complete with holocaust denying, gloating, baiting, and admonishing of the USA. As soon as he’s done, give him the grand tour of american locales associated with terrorism and arrest him for questioning for his part in hostage taking in Iran in 1979.

To her credit, New York Senator Hillary Clinton doesn’t think he should be going there either. Am anxious to hear her remarks after he and Chavez get done with their Bash Bush tour at the United Nations, otherwise known as the Useless Nations . No need to question her patriotism, just listen to what she has to say about it after it occurs. That should suffice.

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