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Surprise! Taxes On Working People Go UP

Truth is, if you knew why you got a payroll tax break in the first place, then you should be ashamed of yourself for not wanting to pay more taxes now. Long story short, you’ve been had. Senior citizens have been had. The low-information voters have been had. And President Obama got re-elected.

And here’s why. Playing Politics On The Backs Of Senior Citizens

But the fun deception doesn’t stop there. The so-called fiscal cliff deal greased the palms of those one-percenters. It’s crony capitalism at its best. Check this, How do you like your smaller paycheck?


West Won’t Concede

I thought we got past the ‘every vote counts and count every vote’ thing in the 2000 election? Apparently not for Rep. Allen West (R-22).

A handful of overseas and military ballots remain outstanding, but under state law the decision for a recount is based on Saturday’s count.

In 2000, Democrat candidate Al Gore’s lawyers were in the Court House downtown, trying to prevent military absentee ballots from being counted. Then Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-1) was there to represent the military voters.

How ironic that twelve years later it’s back to court for our absentee military voters and a military veteran. It certainly puts a new twist to ‘Veterans Day’ doesn’t it?

Link: Fla. vote beyond recount range; West won’t concede

America Votes ‘Present’

The re-election of President Obama says a couple of things about the electorate, and sets a new template for political campaigns.

The voters chose to ignore the worst economy since the great depression and, incredibly, still blame Bush for it. They chose to ignore the largest debt of any country in history. They chose to ignore increasing government control of business and industry, private enterprise. And they chose to ignore the increasing intervention into the private lives of the citizenry. All of which must have our founding fathers turning over in their grave. And, all of which was on the Republican platform to fix.

Yesterday was the time for choosing. And we chose to vote ‘present.’ Same President, same Senate, same House.

Why? Simply because fixing the problem necessarily means ‘taking away’ something from someone. It means tightening our belts as a country and not spending more than we make. Neither President Obama nor his party will have any of that. They have become, as Rush Limbaugh characterized it today, ‘Santa Claus.’ Santa Claus to voting blocks that Obama and his advisers spent the last four years cultivating. Voting blocks of recipients of government money that comes from taxpayers and China.

Republicans have a HUGE up-hill battle to get people to understand that their policies are geared toward helping people help themselves move up and out of poverty, instead of depending on the government to be their caretaker, and keeping them in poverty. Encouraging personal responsibility is so easily demagogued as Republicans hating the poor (or any other segment of the population they find). And Democrats never miss the opportunity to do just that.

That battle was lost yesterday.

The winning campaign strategy for the President was to attack his opponent on a personal basis, not policy basis. It is how Obama won all his political campaigns. Painting Romney as an evil rich guy that doesn’t care about them. It never got down to the policy level, or as I call it, “the high road.” And telling flat-out lies about his opponent doesn’t matter. All from a guy who preaches civility, and does the opposite. Credit the community-organizer-turned-president for setting a new precedent in American politics.

Democratics Getting Their Feelings Hurt

Howard Kurtz, writing in The Daily Beast, is appealing to Mitt Romney to show some compassion for members of the “Democratic Party.”

Romney also noted that in Massachusetts, “with a Democrat legislature, I helped turn my state from deficit to surplus.” (Memo to Mitt: its members prefer that it be called the Democratic Party.)
{emphasis added}

As the ‘church lady’ would say, “Isn’t that special?” No problem Howard. From now on, the term to describe Democrats, as members of the Democratic Party, shall be Democratics. It goes something like this. Republicans are of the Republican Party, and Democratics are of the Democratic Party.

Obviously, Mr. Kurtz must not see anything awry with democratics saying that republicans want to poison the water and air, kill senior citizens, and starve children. As if republicans breath different air and drink different water, and use different schools, hospitals and doctors.

So if calling members of the Democratic Party democratics has him all torqued up, then he and democratics  should grow some thicker skin.

Always quick to sweat the small stuff and ignore $16 trillion in debt. And if re-elected, $20 trillion by the end of a second term. Then there’s the record high unemployment, socialized medicine in the name of Obamacare, wasteful spending propping up union pensions and paying back campaign contributors. Not to mention selectively enforcing and not enforcing laws from immigration to bankruptcy.

Nothing personal Howard, but republicans don’t ‘prefer’ to accept that.

Pensacola News Journal Endorses Romney

Considering that our local newspaper, the Pensacola News Journal, endorsed Barack Obama in ’08, their endorsement of Mitt Romney today was a surprise. Whether it is a sign of buyers remorse or their own economic situation, the basis for their endorsement is the economy, and the likelihood that Romney can turn things around for the better.

Obama failed to adequately address the rising national debt that will cripple future generations. He has not pushed the approval submitted two years ago by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, also known as the Simpson-Bowles plan, that called for higher taxes to bring the debt under control. Congress also has failed to take the debt seriously, instead passing the buck, or in this case, $16 trillion of them.

Clearly, President Obama is disconnected from reality with this statement.

If the economy and our economic situation in NW Florida is as important to them as they say, the Romney endorsement seems to be inconsistent with their ‘NO’ recommendation for all of Florida’s 11 amendments. Early voting started yesterday in Florida. But don’t hold your breath waiting to see them reverse themselves on those too.

Links: WE RECOMMEND: Mitt Romney for presidentVote ‘No’ on amendments

Benghazi, Obama’s ‘Disqualifier’

Now the parents of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty know they were lied to.

Now, from the newly leaked emails, not from the President in the Oval Office, Charles Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, breaks the family’s silence.

Obama’s campaign goal (like all of his campaigns) has been to disqualify his opponent. In this case, Mitt Romney. And that hasn’t been going well lately as Romney seems to be picking up those treasured ‘undecideds’ and Independents.

The way President Obama has handled the terrorist attack in Benghazi disqualifies him to be Commander-in-Chief for another term. Leaking sealed divorce records are not required. Producing a birth certificate, school records, or passport records are not required.

Just from what we now know, from the weeks of the coverup, and not lifting a finger to help them, and telling CIA operatives who could help not to, President Obama has done to himself what he’s been trying to do to Mitt Romney.

Link: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Fireworks, Campaign BS

Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number ‘sixteen trillion.’ That was a good line.

Other lines that don’t represent well are these; ‘not optimal’ and ‘binders of women.’

If you listen or watch the interview, you know that the ‘not optimal’ were Stewart’s words put in as kind and diplomatic way possible. Rather than saying ‘you blew it man, WTF happened?’ For Obama to echo Stewart’s words wasn’t anything to get wrapped around the axle about.

What’s worth getting wrapped around the axle about is President Obama’s absence from the Oval Office. He has a lot of explaining to do, and is avoiding us.

The other load of BS is what the President and his campaign are making of Romney’s ‘binders’ comment. It is also important to note that, with 16 days left before the election, crap like this is what they’re talking about. Not what his plan is to fix things like, oh, the economy for example. If it weren’t for Romney, Barack Obama would have nothing to run on. Which he doesn’t. All he has is to make up something that suits the straw woman ‘war on women’ narrative. Or some other class warfare related hysteria.

Aside from knowing full well that Romney was referring to resumes collected as a result of a nationwide talent search for qualified women, considering the Democrat mindset, they may not be familiar with the recruiting and hiring process. Nothing to the extent of needing binders for them. At any rate, it was a cheap and dishonest attack.

So much of what we’ve already seen from the Obama campaign like this, is beginning to wear thin on people who are wondering when, or if, Obama is going to start telling the American people what he wants to do with four more years. I don’t see how he can continue on this path and hope to win the support of ‘moderates’ or ‘independents.’ They’re the ones who everyone says will be the deciders of the election.

Look for surprises from the traditionally Democrat voting blocks. Not for larger participation, but for less. And ‘participation’ can mean either staying home or voting Republican this time around.

Libya, A Distraction to Obama And Biden

Today’s White House press briefing confirms why Biden said in the debate last night, that the Consulate in Benghazi did not request additional (from practically nothing) security. Neither he nor Barack were interested enough or involved enough to find out.

When asked when, and whether, President Obama was updated in the PDB’s about the request for more security and why, as was revealed the day before in congressional testimony, Jay Carney could not answer in the affirmative. That’s how cavalier these people are about the war on terror.

Now Carney is defending Biden’s ignorance by saying that although the ‘administration’ was advised of the request for more security at the Consulate, that Biden and the President were not told. (Nor did they want to know. They’re liberals first.) Who would have thought that the ‘administration’ did not include the Commander-in-Chief and his number 2? They don’t talk to their Secretary of State? The Secretary of State doesn’t talk to her boss?

Carney’s statement . . .

MR. CARNEY: The Vice President was speaking about himself, and the President and the White House. He was not referring to the administration, clearly, since there was a public hearing for four and a half hours where it was discussed openly by individuals working at the State Department requests that were made. Obviously, he was referring to — he wasn’t talking about the administration writ large. He was speaking about himself, and the President and the White House. {emphasis added}

Obama and Clinton doing the Andrews AFB funeral show for Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty.

Sean Smith’s mother is still waiting for answers from Joe Biden about her son’s death. Now, Joe Biden just told Mrs. Smith that not only were they not interested enough to be personally informed on the terrorist attack that killed her son and three others, but that their promises and condolences given her by them, while at her son’s casket, was what an uncaring Commander-in-Chief and number 2 look like. Uncaring for her son, and uncaring for her.

It is apparently too much to expect President Obama to have a sit-down ‘address to the nation,’ from the Oval office. The Empty Oval Office. It’s been over a month and still nothing  from the President (except the UN and morning TV) that resembles the truth about Libya up to and including the 10/16/12 debate. By contrast, his predecessor would have addressed the American people on the day of or the day after the attack. And do it from the Oval Office. Only without the choreographed story line.

This is Sean Smith’s mother, Pat, interviewed by Jeanine Pirro 10/14/12. Nothing has changed. She’s still waiting.

On a personal level, they’re disgraceful. On a national level, they’re dangerous.

Link: Sean Smith’s Mother Being Lied To Too!  |  Why Benghazi-Gate?  |  Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 10/12/2012


Sean Smith’s Mother Being Lied To Too!

A month after Sean Smith was killed by terrorists in Benghazi, his mother speaks out in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. This is no way that anyone, let alone the Commander-in-Chief, should treat a grieving parent. Especially from someone responsible for her son’s security.

He and his State Department are consistent though. They all lied to her the same as they all lied to us.

Kudos to Anderson Cooper and CNN for the news. Keep a sharp eye out for any other news outlet to tell her story. Well, before Nov 6.

Link: Why Benghazi-Gate?