Fireworks, Campaign BS

Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number ‘sixteen trillion.’ That was a good line.

Other lines that don’t represent well are these; ‘not optimal’ and ‘binders of women.’

If you listen or watch the interview, you know that the ‘not optimal’ were Stewart’s words put in as kind and diplomatic way possible. Rather than saying ‘you blew it man, WTF happened?’ For Obama to echo Stewart’s words wasn’t anything to get wrapped around the axle about.

What’s worth getting wrapped around the axle about is President Obama’s absence from the Oval Office. He has a lot of explaining to do, and is avoiding us.

The other load of BS is what the President and his campaign are making of Romney’s ‘binders’ comment. It is also important to note that, with 16 days left before the election, crap like this is what they’re talking about. Not what his plan is to fix things like, oh, the economy for example. If it weren’t for Romney, Barack Obama would have nothing to run on. Which he doesn’t. All he has is to make up something that suits the straw woman ‘war on women’ narrative. Or some other class warfare related hysteria.

Aside from knowing full well that Romney was referring to resumes collected as a result of a nationwide talent search for qualified women, considering the Democrat mindset, they may not be familiar with the recruiting and hiring process. Nothing to the extent of needing binders for them. At any rate, it was a cheap and dishonest attack.

So much of what we’ve already seen from the Obama campaign like this, is beginning to wear thin on people who are wondering when, or if, Obama is going to start telling the American people what he wants to do with four more years. I don’t see how he can continue on this path and hope to win the support of ‘moderates’ or ‘independents.’ They’re the ones who everyone says will be the deciders of the election.

Look for surprises from the traditionally Democrat voting blocks. Not for larger participation, but for less. And ‘participation’ can mean either staying home or voting Republican this time around.

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