Libya, A Distraction to Obama And Biden

Today’s White House press briefing confirms why Biden said in the debate last night, that the Consulate in Benghazi did not request additional (from practically nothing) security. Neither he nor Barack were interested enough or involved enough to find out.

When asked when, and whether, President Obama was updated in the PDB’s about the request for more security and why, as was revealed the day before in congressional testimony, Jay Carney could not answer in the affirmative. That’s how cavalier these people are about the war on terror.

Now Carney is defending Biden’s ignorance by saying that although the ‘administration’ was advised of the request for more security at the Consulate, that Biden and the President were not told. (Nor did they want to know. They’re liberals first.) Who would have thought that the ‘administration’ did not include the Commander-in-Chief and his number 2? They don’t talk to their Secretary of State? The Secretary of State doesn’t talk to her boss?

Carney’s statement . . .

MR. CARNEY: The Vice President was speaking about himself, and the President and the White House. He was not referring to the administration, clearly, since there was a public hearing for four and a half hours where it was discussed openly by individuals working at the State Department requests that were made. Obviously, he was referring to — he wasn’t talking about the administration writ large. He was speaking about himself, and the President and the White House. {emphasis added}

Obama and Clinton doing the Andrews AFB funeral show for Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty.

Sean Smith’s mother is still waiting for answers from Joe Biden about her son’s death. Now, Joe Biden just told Mrs. Smith that not only were they not interested enough to be personally informed on the terrorist attack that killed her son and three others, but that their promises and condolences given her by them, while at her son’s casket, was what an uncaring Commander-in-Chief and number 2 look like. Uncaring for her son, and uncaring for her.

It is apparently too much to expect President Obama to have a sit-down ‘address to the nation,’ from the Oval office. The Empty Oval Office. It’s been over a month and still nothing  from the President (except the UN and morning TV) that resembles the truth about Libya up to and including the 10/16/12 debate. By contrast, his predecessor would have addressed the American people on the day of or the day after the attack. And do it from the Oval Office. Only without the choreographed story line.

This is Sean Smith’s mother, Pat, interviewed by Jeanine Pirro 10/14/12. Nothing has changed. She’s still waiting.

On a personal level, they’re disgraceful. On a national level, they’re dangerous.

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