Obamacare Premiums Delayed Until After The Mid-Terms

The administration says it’s not a political decision. Riiiiight. Could it possibly be that even the most devoted of the Liberal Left might not vote for Democrats next month if they see their premiums going up? Or that republicans who stayed home two years ago will get to the polls this time to reject the lies and fraud coming from the Obama administration?

In 2013 consumers could begin signing up for plans on Oct. 1. This year they were scheduled to start their applications on Oct. 15. But the Obama administration announced late last year that the second enrollment period would instead begin on Nov. 15 – a full week and a half after the consequential federal elections taking place on Nov. 4.

What ever happened to “we don’t actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014?” Oh that’s right. We’re talking about the Obama administration, where laws are flexible and even, optional. Just like delaying the mandate for business and labor unions until after the 2012 election wasn’t political. No one believed that. It was totally and unabashedly political. Or that Obamacare is subsidizing health insurance companies. Translation, taxpayers are bailing out insurance companies for their losses, with another year to go for that.

Remember all the broken promises. While you’re at it, also remember that the employer mandate that was delayed, and still hasn’t landed, was one of the funding sources that was going to lower premiums. That’s being delayed until AFTER the mid-term election too! What are the odds that premiums will go down? Any rational human being would conclude that if premiums really were going to go down, that the administration would announce them this month, as the illegally revised Obamacare law dictates.

Link: Obamacare rates won’t be revealed until AFTER the midterm elections – a month later than last year  |  HHS: We Lack ‘Statutory Authority’ to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare


Good Grief, More Lies From Susan (the video) Rice

After her promotion to Obama’s National Security Adviser, for lying to cover up the facts surrounding the 9/11/2012 Benghazi attack, Ms. Rice is at it again. On the Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Susan Rice boldly said of Obama’s coalition of the willing, that Turkey agreed to let the U.S. use an air base in Turkey close to the Syrian border. On Monday, Turkey says, no we didn’t.

That they thought Turkey would go along with the lie to make Obama’s coalition seem to be an actual coalition of military force, is beyond astounding and glaringly “amateur hour” for the Obama administration. It’s embarrassing that there are no adults in The White House.

They all should resign in disgrace.

Lucky for the United States, the mid-term elections are only 3 weeks away. We can begin kicking them out of office then.

For Obama, his State Department and National Security team, we’ll just have to wince at the colossal mistake we made in 2012 to put those fools back in office and hope they get tired of lying to us and realize that no one believes whatever they say, on any subject.

In his case, it is too much to expect President Obama to take responsibility. He’s way too arrogant a person for that.

Link: Turkey: No new deal with US on using air base

Govt. Outsourcing Lead Blind To The Unemployment Line

Sibyl Mikell, laid off after 34 years on the job at the Mississippi River docks

In a scenario that could only (by the media) be pinned on an evil republican like Mitt Romney, what would you call it when the Obama administration outsources jobs that cause 42 blind workers in New Orleans to lose theirs?

A government program called AbilityOne, is a program that awards government contracts to nonprofits that employ the disabled to produce basic products for the military. A noble program for sure. Especially so when President Obama keeps saying how he won’t rest until everyone who wants a job can get a job. And how outsourcing jobs is un-patriotic. How ironic it is to learn that the administration cares about the economies in Asia over our own, and will take jobs away from workers here to give to people there?

This operation is an integral part of AbilityOne, a program that awards government contracts to nonprofits that employ blind and disabled people to produce basic products for the military. But Ms. Mikell and 42 coworkers were recently and abruptly laid off from their jobs at Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans because of a little-known change in federal procurement rules that encourages military forces in Afghanistan to buy from manufacturers and brokers in Central Asia.

“The fact is, the people feeling the impact are the most underemployed people in our country,” said Renee Vidrine, president of Lighthouse for the Blind, who said the changes break both the intent and the letter of the law.

Aside from what President Obama might call a “boneheaded decision,” the lesson here for everyone leading up to the mid-term election is this, what government gives you, government can take away.

Meanwhile, where is the outrage? Where is the so-called media watchdog?

Links: Feds take jobs from disabled Americans, send them to Central Asia  |  Lighthouse Louisiana

h/t Rodger Hedgecock

Platform For Dummies

While Democrats hold true to their normal campaign strategy, that Republicans . . .Dummies-230x200.gif


  • are bad and want to hurt you
  • don’t like Blacks and Hispanics
  • don’t want to give you stuff
  • want you to lose your “health care”
  • are religious zealots, bigots, xenophobes, and homophobes
  • and, want to look inside your vagina

I’m still waiting for the Republican party to come up with a platform that republicans can get behind. One that will attract those disaffected by the party, instead of one designed to attract democrats. So far, all I’m seeing is Republicans spending as much, if not more, energy fighting other republicans than the other party.

With less than a month to go before the mid-term elections, here’s a platform that would have broad appeal, and shallow enough to get the low-information voter. Staying home on election day, or voting for the same party and expecting a different result, isn’t a strategy. Vote Republican, because the Democrat’s plan doesn’t work. If you think things can’t get any worse, vote for a Democrat and find out. Vote for a Republican, what else have you got to lose?

Capitalism, Socialism, Or Communism

The impression this image and statement gave me was rather profound. One of those truths of life. But of course, not everyone agrees. America exceptionalism isn’t just a phrase, it is unique to America.

That’s why I want to share a reaction of a FB “friend” who (I think) lives in India. Gita Sabet Azm thinks capitalism is the world’s worst.

i believed Communism was the most dirty system but now i believe capitalism is the most corrupt and dirty system.there is one big problem in our world ,people who live under communism system admitted their system is bad and has a lot of problems ,but American without any knowledge believe capitalism is the best and insisting in their idea .i am really sorry for them

To which I responded

There are “problems” with any system that is run by people. Systems run by law generally do better by, and for, the people, compared to systems run by dictators or despots. The basis of capitalism is freedom, liberty, and private property rights. They don’t have to be insisted upon or forced upon anyone. They are things that people want, especially when they don’t have them. If you ask me, the solution to poverty around the world is capitalism. When everyone has a stake in their own future and in their own production, and their own property, everyone benefits. Control and ownership by the state is not required. If you were to consider how the United States became a superpower, by any measure, in less than 200 years, you would have to conclude that freedom, liberty, private property rights, and a government created by the people to guarantee those rights and limit what the government can do, instead of a government that limits what the people can do, are central to the success of both the country and its people as a whole.

Of course that’s just my opinion. I’d like to know from Gita what her conclusion is to the rise of the American experience if it isn’t about freedom, liberty, private property rights, and limited government? And if you see it differently than I, please let us all know in a comment below.

U.S. Economy At Half-Mast

Running out of topics to brag about and ways to spin them just before the mid-term elections, President Obama is up to his usual community organizer tactics. This time, telling us that his economy is better now than when he took office. Maybe in his own mind, but nowhere else.

The record national debt aside, President Obama ignores the trillions of dollars in government spending and conflates that with economic growth. Government spending is not the U.S. economy. It’s government spending. The U.S. economy is private sector business transactions.

Reality is the economy is not healthy. In fact, the economy is at half-mast. How could that be when the Dept. of Labor reports a decrease in unemployment to 5.9%, you ask? It is because the Dept. of Labor did not count 698,000 unemployed Americans as being unemployed. And for as much as President Obama cares, they may as well be dead. He can’t run on killing 698,000 Americans. He can run on an unemployment rate of 5.9%.

Taking into account those 698,000 Americans and all the millions of other Americans that the Dept. of Labor stopped counting, the real unemployment rate (knows as the U-6) is exactly double what the administration is touting as their great success, 11.8%. And long term unemployment comprises one-third of all those unemployed. Try running and campaigning on that Mr. President.

Today, the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released their weekly jobs data. They report that 248,000 jobs were created in the month of September. Disconnected from that number is the number of new jobless claims from the DOL which were 287,000 for the week ending September 27. According to the Dept. of Labor, the seasonally adjusted 4-week moving average ending September 27 was 294,750. That amounts to 1,179,000 jobs lost in the 4-weeks ending Sept. 27. Here’s a picture of Obama’s economic success. 248,000 jobs created (most of them a second job), and 1.18 million jobs lost. For those educated in a government school, or the hopelessly devoted Obama acolyte, that’s a net job loss of 931,000 jobs.

So NO, the economy is not doing well. Armed with the truth, watch how the president will tell you with a straight face how well it (he) is doing.


Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range Grand Opening

After long anticipation, the wait is finally over. The new indoor shooting range on Rt 29 will celebrate their Grand Opening with a four-day event starting Thursday October 2 and continuing through Sunday.

Located in the former Leisure Time RV property, the range is a ground-up brand new facility. 10 lanes, air conditioned, with state of the art sound-proofing. There are video cameras on each lane and a large monitor in the lobby where you can watch the shooters and their targets, which have their own cameras.

Rumor also has it that on Friday there will be sandwiches provided by Philly’s Cheesesteaks & Hoagies. So come and check it out. There is always a certified range officer there to ensure safe range operations and help shooters with whatever questions they may have. I know, they helped me improve my shooting accuracy and technique, novice that I am, so I know they can help you too.


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