Capitalism, Socialism, Or Communism

The impression this image and statement gave me was rather profound. One of those truths of life. But of course, not everyone agrees. America exceptionalism isn’t just a phrase, it is unique to America.

That’s why I want to share a reaction of a FB “friend” who (I think) lives in India. Gita Sabet Azm thinks capitalism is the world’s worst.

i believed Communism was the most dirty system but now i believe capitalism is the most corrupt and dirty system.there is one big problem in our world ,people who live under communism system admitted their system is bad and has a lot of problems ,but American without any knowledge believe capitalism is the best and insisting in their idea .i am really sorry for them

To which I responded

There are “problems” with any system that is run by people. Systems run by law generally do better by, and for, the people, compared to systems run by dictators or despots. The basis of capitalism is freedom, liberty, and private property rights. They don’t have to be insisted upon or forced upon anyone. They are things that people want, especially when they don’t have them. If you ask me, the solution to poverty around the world is capitalism. When everyone has a stake in their own future and in their own production, and their own property, everyone benefits. Control and ownership by the state is not required. If you were to consider how the United States became a superpower, by any measure, in less than 200 years, you would have to conclude that freedom, liberty, private property rights, and a government created by the people to guarantee those rights and limit what the government can do, instead of a government that limits what the people can do, are central to the success of both the country and its people as a whole.

Of course that’s just my opinion. I’d like to know from Gita what her conclusion is to the rise of the American experience if it isn’t about freedom, liberty, private property rights, and limited government? And if you see it differently than I, please let us all know in a comment below.