Obamacare Premiums Delayed Until After The Mid-Terms

The administration says it’s not a political decision. Riiiiight. Could it possibly be that even the most devoted of the Liberal Left might not vote for Democrats next month if they see their premiums going up? Or that republicans who stayed home two years ago will get to the polls this time to reject the lies and fraud coming from the Obama administration?

In 2013 consumers could begin signing up for plans on Oct. 1. This year they were scheduled to start their applications on Oct. 15. But the Obama administration announced late last year that the second enrollment period would instead begin on Nov. 15 – a full week and a half after the consequential federal elections taking place on Nov. 4.

What ever happened to “we don’t actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014?” Oh that’s right. We’re talking about the Obama administration, where laws are flexible and even, optional. Just like delaying the mandate for business and labor unions until after the 2012 election wasn’t political. No one believed that. It was totally and unabashedly political. Or that Obamacare is subsidizing health insurance companies. Translation, taxpayers are bailing out insurance companies for their losses, with another year to go for that.

Remember all the broken promises. While you’re at it, also remember that the employer mandate that was delayed, and still hasn’t landed, was one of the funding sources that was going to lower premiums. That’s being delayed until AFTER the mid-term election too! What are the odds that premiums will go down? Any rational human being would conclude that if premiums really were going to go down, that the administration would announce them this month, as the illegally revised Obamacare law dictates.

Link: Obamacare rates won’t be revealed until AFTER the midterm elections – a month later than last year  |  HHS: We Lack ‘Statutory Authority’ to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare