Is Obama Immune From Impeachment?

It remains to be seen whether articles of impeachment will ever be brought against President Obama. But you see what happens to you, or what you are called, if you opine on the failures of Obama’s policies, and his deceiving the American people to the point of being awarded the “lie of the year,” or his making up laws around the legislative branch, and not enforcing laws enacted by the legislative branch, and for using regulatory agencies of the executive branch to harass and punish political opponents. Basically, for usurping powers not granted to him by the Constitution.

You are labeled a racist by the race hustlers, elected Democrats, and the compliant media. So it is no wonder that President Obama acts as a dictator with the impunity of someone who has been inoculated from impeachment. With immunity essentially granted him by virtue of the color of his skin. Jonathan Turley has another way to describe this immunity. He calls it a “cult of personality.”

What do you think the chances for impeachment would be, if not already done by now, if the President of such a lawless administration were White, from any political party?

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