What’s Next For Big Labor?

Labor unions today have unknowingly fulfilled a self-fulfilling prophesy. By leveraging unfair practices upon workers to build union Labor-Unionsmembership, they did such a good job that they have lost their only reason to recruit.  Now they are left with ancient history, the mid twentieth century, to fall back on. And for the most part, no longer have a reason to exist.

BIG LABOR advocates say “Without America’s labor unions, we wouldn’t have many of the protections and benefits that we have today.” That’s a true statement. It was true 30 years ago too! Thanks to the ‘wake-up call’ delivered to employers by organized labor decades ago, which was “treat your people right or lose,” the labor movement has successfully put itself out of business so to speak. Their usefulness has diminished due to their earlier success as shown by their decreasing member rolls.

  • Total percentage private sector and public sector labor union workers: 2002 13.3%, 2012 11.3%
  • Percent of private sector labor union workers: 2002 8.6%, 2012 6.6%
  • Percent of public sector, government, labor union workers: 2002 37.3%, 2012 35.9%
  • Total number of union workers, public and private sector: 2002 16,145,000, 2012 14,366,000

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Venezuela’s Election Day For Chavez Successor

It’s election day in Venezuela. Venezuelans in the United States are going to New Orleans to vote for their successor for the hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who his hand-picked successor claims was killed by cancer given to him by the United States Nicolas Madurogovernment. I know, Venezuela has their own low-information voters. It is what it is.

The opposition candidate Henrique Capriles said his opponent was “violating all the Henrique Caprileselectoral norms”. By closing, arresting, and otherwise bankrupting any TV and radio station that would carry their ads, I’d say he is right. No doubt tactics like that would meet with Jimmy Carter’s approval, who put his stamp of approval on Chavez’s first presidential election. Capriles’ response was to start an internet TV channel to try to get his message out. Beyond that, the opposition (to socialism) party is left with word-of-mouth campaigning.

Illegal Migration, Why Border Security First?

Here’s what Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-UT) found on the U.S. border near Yuma, Arizona. No fence, but a walkway and stairs. border_accomadationpic.twitter.com/AepousiI7C. With all the news about amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform, the border with Mexico is being over-run with illegals like never before.

New technology to spot border crashers is troubling. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it works so well that Border Patrol agents are shocked to see how many are getting by.

“It’s a match made in heaven for border security,” said a former U.S. law enforcement official.

He said the radar had helped Border Patrol agents watch migrants and smugglers gathering on the Mexican side of the border before they start trekking north. But not all of the agents are happy to get a precise head count for the first time of how many people they are missing.

“The rank-and-file guys are afraid it will make them look bad,” the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the program are not public.

The system is being tested along with military-grade camera towers and surveillance blimps developed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan in an effort to provide more accurate coverage of remote border areas.

illegal_aliensJust from what we already know, the ‘Gang of Eight’ is going about any “reform” backwards if they don’t put securing the border FIRST. That is, BEFORE any other legislation is discussed. Not to do that will be leaving the welcome mat out for illegals.

Link: Radar shows U.S. border security gaps

Obama’s Taxes, “Less Than His Secretary”

By his own standard, President Obama did not pay his fair share in taxes. He paid $112,214 in taxes for 2012, putting his effective federal tax rate at 18.4 percent. Curiously, he didn’t voluntarily pony up to the 39%, and then some, that he expects of the other one percenters.

Things are tough for the President in 2012. A victim of his own making. Being on a fixed income, he managed to earn less in 2012. This, due to decreasing sales in his books. Who knows, maybe everyone who is going to buy one, has one now? Maybe people know that his hope and change, along with his campaign rhetoric, is a bunch of BS now? Maybe a little of each? Who cares now anyway? But it does fully explain the never-ending campaign.

Link: Effective federal rate is 18.4% on $608,611 income

Obama Nominates 3 To National Labor Relations Board

While the legitimacy of the NLRB and the decisions it has made since President Obama’s illegal “recess appointments” are still in limbo, National_Labor_Relations_Board_logoPresident Obama nominated 3  board members for full terms and is hoping that they will get approved by the Senate this time.

The status of the board has been in limbo since a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in January that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by appointing three of its members while lawmakers were on break in January 2012, thus bypassing the usual Senate confirmation process.

The House is expected to vote on legislation this week that would prohibit the board from issuing decisions until the fate of Obama’s so-called recess appointments is known.

Link: Obama nominates new NLRB members as House threatens to halt board actions  |  Court Slaps Down Obama On NLRB Appointments-Decision Could Invalidate Hundreds Of Labor Decisions

Teenager Has Ring-of-Fire’s Shorts In A Wad

A thirteen year old young man phoned in to the Rush Limbaugh radio show to tell the host that he didn’t understand why so many in the Mike Papantonioadministration believe that “global warming” is real and that it is man-made, when there is so much research easily available to refute that assertion like what he found in the public library in his home town. So what do you think that the Ring-of-Fire radio show (co-hosted by Mike Papantonio) did with it?

Here’s their headline, Indoctrinated Youth, Teenager “Destroys” Liberal Conspiracy on Fox. The story begins with . . .

Despite the majority of scientists agreeing that global warming is occurring and is largely man-made, conservatives are now using a 13-year-old’s library research to validate their opinion that climate change is a hoax.

Only people “using” this bright kid is Ring-of-Fire writer Alisha Mims who concludes “It’s disturbing to be reminded that there are people who would strive to prevent a child from learning facts and formulating his own opinions.” She cites the AlterNet, political ground zero of the wacko Left, for her research.

You know when science becomes political, like it is where so-called global warming is concerned? When there is “consensus” that “global warming” is “man-made.” First of all, science is science, and is not based on consensus, ie. “majority of scientists agreeing.” It either is, or it is not. Second, calling climate change “global warming.” Third, that man is causing it. Lastly, that the earth’s climate can be modified by moving vast amounts of money from one part of the earth to the other.

It’s amusing to see how the Left, or Progressives, get their shorts in a wad when they see evidence that a thirteen year old has formed an opinion that is antithetical to their political doctrine. Their reaction is also instructive. That he couldn’t have possibly formed that opinion on his own. And, he’s a “denier.”

Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range, New Location

The people at Pensacola Specialty Pawn (850) 433-3560, near Pace Blvd & Fairfield Dr., are planning on opening an indoor shooting range around June-July 2013.  For whatever reason, they have changed the site from the pawn shop site to a spot on Pensacola Boulevard, Rt. 29, at the former location of Leisure Tyme RV. Seems to me to be a better location from an accessibility, if not safety, standpoint. They are capping membership at 500 members.  Members can go anytime. Non-members can go when space is available. Their annual membership pricing is: Patriot (first responders & active/retired military) $199.99, Individual $299.99, Family (2 household) $399.99. Non-members $20 per hour.

Some new features (new to me anyway) at the range will be a closed circuit TV setup for each lane. There will be ten lanes. No matter where you put your target, which is adjustable right from your shooting position, there are two cameras in operation. One on the target, and the other on you. No need to get out the binocs to see where your bullets went. The camera system is focused on your target no matter how far downrange you put it. Another cool thing is that in another room, out of the shooting room, monitors will be there for your party (or whoever) to see you in action, in split screen (you/target), uh, for better or worse. Smile

Further updates will be in this post if and when they become available, so you may want to bookmark it.

UPDATE 7/30/2013 : Opening date is pushed back to mid to late September, 2013.

UPDATE 10/4/2013 : Opening date is pushed back to November 1, 2013. New construction is well underway.

UPDATE 11/4/2013 : The new projected opening date is in the Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 time frame.

UPDATE 1/3/2014: The A/C gets installed next week. Looking for an opening by the end of January 2014.

UPDATE 1/13/2014: The inside is coming along just fine. Now it seems the outside is pushing the opening back until around the end of February. Must be something new, because the property that never had a storm water retention pond now needs one. So that has to be built before they can open.

UPDATE 3/16/2014: Well, February has come and gone. But now the delay, or what remains to be completed, is the HVAC work at the shooting lanes. Now the estimate is anywhere from one to three weeks. {fingers crossed}

UPDATE 4/3/2014: Today the owner said he’s looking for next Wednesday, April 9th, as an opening date. Although he wasn’t 100 percent certain yet. At any rate, the opening seems right around the corner now.

UPDATE 4/8/2014: Tomorrow is off. Maybe another week or two. Waiting for occupancy and other permits. The gun shop next door to the range is open and they have a nice selection of hand guns, rifles, and shotguns.

UPDATE 4/23/2014Soft Opening Monday 4/28/2014. Yippeeeee !!!

Happy, and safe, Shooting!

View Pensacola Indoor Shooting Range in a larger map

President’s Self-Inoculation, Sleight-of-Hand

In an academy award winning performance, President Obama removes himself from any responsibility from his 5 years of crisis-driven obama_houdinination-dividing identity politics in his Weekly Address to the nation.

He repeats the goal that everyone wants. More jobs. Who doesn’t want more jobs? To that goal, while continuing the deceptive language about reducing the deficit (he never suggests eliminating it) without mentioning the enormous debt he has piled up, and the fact that his budget plan never reaches an “in-balance” condition, he continues to demagogue his justification for raising taxes AGAIN (further depressing a stagnant economy) by repeating the worn-out and dishonest (but effective to the low-information audience) mantra about millionaires and billionaires paying less taxes than their secretaries.

Then comes the magic act, the sleight-of-hand. Standing above all that he has done during his entire administration, in the context of Medicare reform, President Obama says . . .

While it’s not my ideal plan to further reduce the deficit, it’s a compromise I’m willing to accept in order to move beyond a cycle of short-term, crisis-driven decision-making, and focus on growing our economy and our middle class for the long run.

His method of short-term, crisis-driven decision-making is why we haven’t had a budget passed and instead, have been expanding the size and breadth of government via Continuing Resolutions for the last four years. It is why we are where we are now.

Media Blackout On First Amendment Challenge

Probably the most UN-reported story with First Amendment/Freedom-of-the-Press consequences is the James Holmes Colorado theater jana_whitemassacre murder trial.  Six days after the April 1 hearing where reporter Jana Winter was ordered to show her sources for information about a journal the wackjob Holmes had kept, a Google search on “Jana Winter,Judge Carlos Samour Jr.” reveals almost nothing about it except for a lead story on Fox. The LA Times mentioned it almost as an afterthought in paragraph 20, 21, and 22, of a 22 paragraph story.

So I went to the “industry standard” in the publishing industry to see what they are saying about it. Editor & Publisher has one article dated February 1, 2013. Zip, zero, nada about the fight for Winter to reveal her source or sources. Which prompted an email from me on their contact form . . .

Is the First Amendment an aspect of the newspaper industry? Does the name Jana Winter ring a bell? Holmes? Colorado? Sources?

Have you read your mission statement lately?

Our Mission

Editor & Publisher is the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates.

Please advise why you don’t feel compelled to report the case, and publicly support this reporter?

Ross Calloway
Pensacola FL

That’s what I felt compelled to do. Your mileage may vary.

Links: Free press fight: How Fox News reporter wound up facing jail for doing job  |  Prosecutor to seek death penalty for Holmes in theater shooting  |  A Fox News Reporter Could Be Jailed For Protecting Her Sources, And Nobody Seems To Care