Teenager Has Ring-of-Fire’s Shorts In A Wad

A thirteen year old young man phoned in to the Rush Limbaugh radio show to tell the host that he didn’t understand why so many in the Mike Papantonioadministration believe that “global warming” is real and that it is man-made, when there is so much research easily available to refute that assertion like what he found in the public library in his home town. So what do you think that the Ring-of-Fire radio show (co-hosted by Mike Papantonio) did with it?

Here’s their headline, Indoctrinated Youth, Teenager “Destroys” Liberal Conspiracy on Fox. The story begins with . . .

Despite the majority of scientists agreeing that global warming is occurring and is largely man-made, conservatives are now using a 13-year-old’s library research to validate their opinion that climate change is a hoax.

Only people “using” this bright kid is Ring-of-Fire writer Alisha Mims who concludes “It’s disturbing to be reminded that there are people who would strive to prevent a child from learning facts and formulating his own opinions.” She cites the AlterNet, political ground zero of the wacko Left, for her research.

You know when science becomes political, like it is where so-called global warming is concerned? When there is “consensus” that “global warming” is “man-made.” First of all, science is science, and is not based on consensus, ie. “majority of scientists agreeing.” It either is, or it is not. Second, calling climate change “global warming.” Third, that man is causing it. Lastly, that the earth’s climate can be modified by moving vast amounts of money from one part of the earth to the other.

It’s amusing to see how the Left, or Progressives, get their shorts in a wad when they see evidence that a thirteen year old has formed an opinion that is antithetical to their political doctrine. Their reaction is also instructive. That he couldn’t have possibly formed that opinion on his own. And, he’s a “denier.”