Obama’s Taxes, “Less Than His Secretary”

By his own standard, President Obama did not pay his fair share in taxes. He paid $112,214 in taxes for 2012, putting his effective federal tax rate at 18.4 percent. Curiously, he didn’t voluntarily pony up to the 39%, and then some, that he expects of the other one percenters.

Things are tough for the President in 2012. A victim of his own making. Being on a fixed income, he managed to earn less in 2012. This, due to decreasing sales in his books. Who knows, maybe everyone who is going to buy one, has one now? Maybe people know that his hope and change, along with his campaign rhetoric, is a bunch of BS now? Maybe a little of each? Who cares now anyway? But it does fully explain the never-ending campaign.

Link: Effective federal rate is 18.4% on $608,611 income

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