Media Blackout On First Amendment Challenge

Probably the most UN-reported story with First Amendment/Freedom-of-the-Press consequences is the James Holmes Colorado theater jana_whitemassacre murder trial.  Six days after the April 1 hearing where reporter Jana Winter was ordered to show her sources for information about a journal the wackjob Holmes had kept, a Google search on “Jana Winter,Judge Carlos Samour Jr.” reveals almost nothing about it except for a lead story on Fox. The LA Times mentioned it almost as an afterthought in paragraph 20, 21, and 22, of a 22 paragraph story.

So I went to the “industry standard” in the publishing industry to see what they are saying about it. Editor & Publisher has one article dated February 1, 2013. Zip, zero, nada about the fight for Winter to reveal her source or sources. Which prompted an email from me on their contact form . . .

Is the First Amendment an aspect of the newspaper industry? Does the name Jana Winter ring a bell? Holmes? Colorado? Sources?

Have you read your mission statement lately?

Our Mission

Editor & Publisher is the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the newspaper industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, online and syndicates.

Please advise why you don’t feel compelled to report the case, and publicly support this reporter?

Ross Calloway
Pensacola FL

That’s what I felt compelled to do. Your mileage may vary.

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