Chavez Would Vote For Obama

After a ringing endorsement from Madonna, the Obama campaign received an endorsement from the hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

“If I were American, I’d vote for Obama,” Chavez said in a televised interview that aired Sunday.

And it gets better . . .

The Venezuelan leader called Obama “a good guy” and said if the U.S. president were a Venezuelan, “I think … he’d vote for Chavez.”

No doubt about it. Well, either that or he’d be running against and to the Left of Chavez.

Link: Hugo Chavez says he’d vote for Obama

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2 thoughts on “Chavez Would Vote For Obama”

  1. Creative too! The Associated Press thought it was newsworthy. Truth is, those two are soul brothers in government control, and power over people and industry. Barack has the advantage of not having to take over the media like Hugo did. For Barack, that was a gimmie.

    So how about it? Who has a plan to reduce the deficit and debt? Romney or Obama?

  2. You should create a website section for articles like this called: “News that doesn’t matter about people that don’t live in America and have no influence in political discourse or add anything substantive to any political discussion”.

    I know the name is kind of long, but it fits.

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