Beast Writer To Cain – Can’t Wear That

What is it with the Left’s fascination with what conservatives wear? Now The Daily Beast has a columnist of a certain persuasion that has a problem with what Herman Cain is wearing.

First there was Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and who paid for it. Now, Beast writer Robin Givhan, seems to have a new attack on Herman Cain because of what he likes to wear. At least for now, she is not concerned with how much his clothes cost.   For a style and culture writer, she seem to be ignorant of the cultural south, where Mr. Cain grew up.

But in her case, Givhan seems to be shuffling racial cards where Mr. Cain is concerned. What’s next from the Left? Anything to shift the focus off of Obama’s successful policies that are killing free-market capitalism, our economy, and your job.

Link: Herman Cain’s Power Suit