Sheriff’s FUNdraiser Was A Blast

Had a blast, literally, at the Blackwater Tactical Range today. Sheriff David Morgan’s “Out-Shoot The Sheriff” fundraiser proved to be all I thought it would be. FUN!

The challenge was to hit 10 steel plates in the least amount of time. I didn’t out-shoot him. In fact, nobody did. So the guy who came closest won the t-shirt.

This is Sheriff (top shot) Morgan hitting 8 out of 10 in 19 seconds.

He said there was going to be a machine gun demonstration, and there was. I didn’t pass up the chance to fire an M60 machine gun, and a Thompson sub-machine gun. Shot a lot of dirt, made a lot of noise. Would have made ‘Tim the toolman’ proud.

And as an added bonus, there was a little explosion demonstration. If you’ve seen the TV show Top Shot, you’ve seen exploding targets. An instructor hit a can containing some explosive material with one shot. Boom!

It was a unique fundraiser for an elected office. One I couldn’t pass up. If you didn’t have a weapon, eye and ear protection of your own, they were provided. There was just as many women shooters there as there were men. A few women shot the machine guns too!

Thanks to our veterans, active duty military, and our Constitution, I could fire one of those without my life having to depend on it like our brave men and women in the military have to do every day of the week in war zones far away from home.

And thanks to Sheriff David Morgan for hosting the event. A great time was had by all.