Colorado Proposition 103 Gets A Shellacking

Big news in Colorado. The 2008 election made Colorado a Blue state for the first time in 15 years, Obama 54% McCain 45%, buoyed by the support of the state’s growing Hispanic population, a key demographic to victory in 2012. So you would be surprised to see that 63.5% of the voters rejected Proposition 103 Tuesday.

Prop 103 was a $2.9 billion tax increase in sales and income taxes to be used for schools. I think this marks the first time that the ‘it’s for the children’ excuse has not worked. The people of Colorado feel they are paying enough taxes already and expect the state to do the job with what they have.  A notion contrary to liberal dogma.

“We need to do this for our kids,” said Heath, D-Boulder. “Our kids can’t wait.”

“This is a victory for all Colorado taxpayers,” said Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs. “We can’t help children by bankrupting their parents.”

It looks like ‘it’s the economy stupid’ is paramount in the minds of the people of Colorado and spells trouble in 2012 for an administration that only wants to raise taxes more.